Two minds one thought

In 2007 I got contacted by an agency for a contract job, (IT Management). The agency had a contact person, that came out ones in a while to check if we were doing okay and if we were missing anything.

One day we sat down and talked, he wanted to know where I had been working before this contract, and after a while the conversation became personal.

I wanted to keep it professional, so I thought of spooking him with one of my stories. Let’s say it this way, it didn’t work. He became more intrigued an asked how long time I have known and seen, and the conversation became early childhood and then preteen. After 1.5 hours talked, he departed, and I went back to my job.

The week later he came back, and we had lunch together, and he told me his story, why he was more interested and curious, than scared, and oddly enough, his stories were similar to mine.

He remembered as an early 20’s he was sharing flyers on the street, and I asked if he had a picture of himself from back then, he said not on him but he would bring it next time.

The following week he came for afternoon coffee, and had a picture with him, from when he was a teenager when I saw that picture it clicked. I said, “this is from 86”, he nodded, and look at me with a surprised look, we have never talked about the timeline when this happened.

‘I continued, this summer, you were out, the only summer you actually did it, and there was this long blond girl from Jutland with very blue eyes and a dash of curl.  You sat down with her and had a talk, and in the end, you got her phone number. You called by the end of the summer, but it was her mom picking up the phone and told you she was not interested?”

He coffee cup he had between his hands was turning, I knew I had hit a sore spot. He looked up and straight into my eye, “yes, with very blue eyes like yours.” I smiled, “isn’t odd you had to meet her so many years later?”

He looked at me, “was that you?” I smiled and nodded.  After that we just clicked, there was just something. We agree to go out for a cup of coffee one evening instead of here at work, it would make it much easier, as we thought it would, it didn’t.

He told me to give him a call when I was on my way home, I did. While conversing, I suddenly felt this tingling on my neck. At first, I tried to ignore it, but when I felt it again, I asked him, “if he had an itch on his neck?” without verbal answering, I could feel a tingling on the right side of my throat, I laughed lightly and said, “I take that as a yes” the phone became silent, and after a while he said, “How did you know?” I told him, “It would be easier to show him one day, that to tell him what happened over the phone”

The frequency of conversations became every day, and one day he asked me if I have been sick as a child, I told him, actual yes and no. I have had my common colds, but I have had some years, where I had been really sick.

I told him, “the year I turned 7, I was sick with what they believe was Appendicitis, and when I finally went into the hospital to get ready for surgery, I went away all by itself after a week. “He answered, “This was the summer of 77 right?” I guess it was my turn to be surprised, so I asked him to explain how he knew. He said, “In the summer of 77, he had his appendicitis removed” and when we narrowed it down it was the same time as I was sick with the symptoms of appendicitis.

I had to ask him again, this could just be a coincident right? “In 74 I felt down of the dining table and broke my arm, you were about 9 at that time” he paused, the said, “ohh wow, I remember waking up one morning and feeling my right arm was hurting so badly, so we went to the doctor, he thought it was a spring”

Little by little the time we each were sick, we have somehow effected the other, how it happened, not sure, we didn’t grow up together or lived in the same city, but the effect was there.

The day we went out for coffee, we talked about everything, and we both felt it was as we just had sat down before we had to go to the lector we had signed up for.

Since I was still in a contract under the company he was in, we decided not to go in together.

He sat two rows in front of me, and I ended up sitting behind this large size man, so if he looked back, he couldn’t see me.

10 min into the lector, I started thinking, I was touching his right side of the neck, up and down, continuously. It didn’t go long before I could see he was scratching his right side of the neck, and I could actually feel it.

I waited for a little while then I did it again, and again he scratched his neck and looked back as if he thought I sat right behind him.

Then I did the left side, again he scratched his neck on the left side. I knew more than just a few times I had felt it over a longer distance, I could actually see it working.

I had hoped he caught on, but he didn’t. I left a bit earlier than he did, so we didn’t talk more that evening.

The next couple of days became an SMS here and there during the day, neither of us had the time to chat, and when I got home in the evening, I was so tired.

The weekend came fast and so did the following week. He came one day for lunch, while our SMS didn’t stop, we both wanted to know more about each other.

The more we talked the closer we got, and one day, sitting waiting for the train, I heard his voice as if he was standing right next to me, talking with someone else, but he was not here.

I tuned out all the noise on the station and listen to the conversation as if I was standing right next to him, I could hear each and every word incl. the girl he was talking with.

When the conversation was over, I jump on the train and went over to my hotel.

I didn’t believe he knew any of this, I don’t think he was even aware of what was going on.

A few weeks went by and we went to another seminar, again he was sitting in front of me, this time I wanted to try something differently, so in the middle of the session I said, “get up and turn around,” I repeated it a few times, and all the sudden he stood up, turned around with a very confused look on his face.

The teacher asked him if he wanted anything, he just turned facial red, and mumble, “no, I am so sorry”

After the session I walked over to him and asked if he had time for a cup of coffee, he didn’t he had to help clean up, so he had to stay on for a while.

I smiled and said, “sure, call me tomorrow when you have time” I walked over to one of the other I knew, and while talking with her, I kept thinking, I need to leave, I need to go right now, I need to leave, go right now.

Shortly after I hear his voice, repeating the same words I was thinking of, at that point I knew, this was not just a joke anymore, but very serious.

A couple of weeks later a couple of weeks before my contract ended, he approached me and asked if I wanted to continue a relationship after my contract ended.

We had already talked about how much we were set in our own life, and I was not interested in settling down, I loved to travel. He had a younger son, so he couldn’t just get up and leave. I knew it was going to be the hardest no I have ever said to anyone, but I did.

I said, ”I would love to if things were different than they were, but right now I had to say no.” that evening I could feel the pain in my chest, not my pain but his, he was devastated and he knew no matter how it would not happen.

We stopped talking every day after that but hearing him and be able to feel how he felt or what he was doing continued.

About 3 weeks later, I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling my bed was moving and I was right next to a sex act. I was, just not mine, but his.

We met up a couple of days later, and I smiled, “did you have a good evening the other night?” he was floored I knew, also embarrassing, I was okay, I knew it would happen when you are so close to someone.

A few weeks later I was out sick with a major migraine, and in the evening, I SMS him,” if he could help.” He SMS me back and said, “he would try” within a short time I could feel this vibration came over me and within 10 to 15 min, my migraines were gone, so I could get some sleep.

After the end contract, we stopped having daily contact, but it didn’t mean, the link was broken.

One day I walked downtown and thought I want you to go down to the center of town and sit on a bench, I did that for a while, and then I went and got ice cream.

30 minutes later, he came walking over the street, right over to the center of the city and sat down on the bench. I walked right over to him and said, “Hi, what are you doing here?” He smiled and said, “I was sitting at home, and just felt like coming in here” I knew it was still working.

We talked for a while before we went our separate way.

For a couple few years, I was able to do this. One evening I felt it was time for him to know what was actually going on, so I SMS him, with time and what to do.

In the evening, I could feel his resting pulse, and he was ready, so I did the same as when we were in the sessions, touched his neck on both sides, and then his shoulders. I could feel he jumped, he got spooked, but after a frequent of time, he replied back, by thinking the same thing.

I SMS him a few more times, so he knew, and after that, when I wanted to know if he was okay, I would just tune in a wait for his resting pulse, before doing the same. And he would reply back.

when he found his wife, I saw what ring he was going to get her before he proposed, and when he proposed, I could feel it on my ring finger and the joy in his heart.

When his wife gave birth, I felt the tingling on my shoulders and neck, and a voice saying, we got a baby. I replied and told him congratulation.

When Harvey came in, I suddenly felt a worried feeling, and again, a touch on my shoulders and neck, I replied back, I was okay and thanked him for thinking about me.

Are we ever going to lose the contact, I don’t know, he is on a long-distance, and I have not interested in tuning in anymore.