Tune into the vibration

Each and every one of us, have a unique vibration, spend a couple of minutes talking with them is enough to tap into this vibration, if you know how to listen. (I will note no humans was hurt in this test 😉)

It is understandable it is not just something that comes overnight or something you learn in the blink of an eye but takes a while you understand.

It is just like with any other vibration, the feeling of a train coming by, or someone moving, the sound coming out of the radio without having the speaker attached, (the old systems, where you could feel the vibration instead of hearing the vibration)

Or, if someone is deaf, can not hear, but can feel the vibration.

When you connect to this vibration, you will know when they are there without you actually be able to see them, and the same goes, if you then, “piggyback” onto the same vibration, think of it as an old phone line, you follow the line back to the person, and at that moment you can see what they are doing, first as a 3rd person, from a short distance, and then if you chose, within them, and then you are back.

I was in an assignment and needed to speak with one of the project managers, but he was always busy and didn’t have time. Each time I set a meeting up to discuss the project I was taking over, he canceled. I needed the information, and he needed my current report, so I had to figure out how to set up a meeting.

One more I tuned into his vibration, saw he was on his way into the parking lot of where the job site was, I waited and before he walked into the building I walked down to the coffee stand, where he always stopped for coffee.

He was one of those guys there were extremely good looking, and he knew it. If he could get a girl to fall over her own shoes, he would.

This morning he walked into the coffee stand, while I was there, greeted with a flirt, and I greeted him with an “I am not interested face.” I didn’t have to I already had him, almost where I wanted him.

The next morning the same thing, but this time, on my way out, I by accident lost my pen on the floor, just so he could catch up with me. I could feel his heart racing, and with a smile and a flirt, he asked how I was doing? Again, I pushed him off as not interested, and with a short “I’m okay, just busy.” The feeling of defeat passed through my body as a light wind when he walked off. Not my feeling, but his.

This continued for about 4 days, on the 5th day, he asked me if there was anything, he could help me with, and I said, nahh not really I have everything under control, incl. the, and I mentioned the project’s name. The feeling of someone punching you in the stomach came over me and a rising heartbeat. Again his feelings, not mine. He knew he didn’t have it under control. The following Tuesday I saw a message of a meeting scheduled ping in on my calendar. I knew just what it was. After then he told him project lead, to make sure I got everything I needed, to run the project.

And yes, we ended up spending time in the morning at the coffee stand, talking project. In a way I think he was happy, I didn’t trip over my tongue, but here, he was good looking.

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