The Wind

For about 13 years ago, I remember one evening, I was sitting talking online, with a friend of mine. At this point in time he was living nearby Chicago, so a bit far for me, to just drop by for a cup of coffee.

Our debate came across spirituality, and what not. I told him a couple of my stories, where at he, had to be honest, he didn’t believe me. I said him: That’s okay, you don’t have to. It doesn’t mean anything other than it is just a story. And we both laughed.

We continue talking, about the kids, job, anything else than our previous subject, but eventual we slowly moved back, and he ended up jokingly saying: well if you can do that, why don’t you come over here, I need a back rub.

I replied: I can do more. When you are done read this, I want you to turn around in your chair and look up.(I did not know the layout of his house.)

He said, ohh, you are going to be here? I said: no, I am still in Houston.

He said okay I am turning around.

I closed my eyes, focus on where he was, and landed on top of the staircase across from where he was sitting. I put my left hand on the wall, and walked down, on my way down I felt as if I touched some cloth hanging from the wall.

I continued all the way down the stairs, until I saw him actual turning around in the chair, and I came back.  I opened my eyes and on the screen, it said: Did you just move my curtains?

I wrote back, was that curtains hanging on your wall? He replied yes, I nodded, and wrote back, you need to take them down and get the washed, they are way to heavy. We both laughed, and he never asked for a back rub again.