The three small clover

When my dad went into the hospital for the first time for prostate surgery, I believe the whole family was spooked. The following day after, he actual really good and by the following Friday, the hospital told him he could go home for the weekend if he wanted, as long as he was not alone. My big sister said right away he was welcome to stay, since I had a little boy, and it would be hard to manage everything.

I went and visit the following morning, where my sister was to pick him up on Friday afternoon. Now at this point in time, my dad already knew what was going on, so he asked me how I felt about it.

I smiled and said, “You Know I really would like for you to stay at the hospital for the weekend, just in case.” My sister lived so far away from everything, so if something should happen, you might not make it in time.

I just had a gut feeling he should stay. He thanked me and, in the afternoon, when my sister came to pick him up, he decided to stay at the hospital.

The late afternoon I got a visit from my sister in law, and her little boy. They wanted to visit with my dad the next day, and then I was going on the following Sunday.

In the evening after both boys were asleep, we sat down to watch a movie and chit chat about anything and everything.

And while she was talking; I saw it as a movie right in front of my eyes; we were all standing in front of a coffin in black, watching it being lifted down in a grave. I got pulled out of my vision when my sister in law touched my arm and asked if I was okay. I smiled and said yes, I am fine, but she could see I was far from fine.

She asked if it was about my dad, and I just shook my head and said it is okay, and we continued talking about other things.

In the evening when I went to bed, I prayed to be able to go up to the hospital the next day even though I knew I was first going on Sunday. The next day her son woke up with a fever and she was not able to go. She said, please go, I will take care of both boys while you visit with your dad. I was happy, but also scared, was it going to be the last time I saw him? What was I going to say to him? And how.

On my way out to the car, I looked down in a patch of clovers and there in the middle of them all was a clover of 4. I picked it up and right away I found another, and then yet another.

I drove to the hospital to visit with my dad. When I arrived, I gave him the 3 clovers and he asked me, what do I need them for, what is going to happen, I answered; nothing.

He smiled and said; “I know you to well, you don’t give out clovers if nothing is going to happen.” I smiled: “well I will tell you this, I hope nothing is going to happen.”  we put on in the book he had with him to read, one under his pillow and one in his pocket. He laughed, we visit for a while and then we walked me down the stairs, saying I am fine, and Monday I am out of here, and then I will come straight home to you and my grandson.

We said goodbye and I drove home. When I got home, we went downstairs to play pool, I took the phone with me and everyone there was in the house said; are you expecting a phone call. I just answered with a smile.

About 15 minutes later, deep into the game, the phone rang, I picked up the phone, and a nurse was on the other end, saying it is your dad. I turned around handed the phone to my sister in law and said, can you look after my boy, while I ran upstairs out to the car, drove as fast as I could far beyond the speed limit over to the hospital.

Ran upstairs to his room and there was no dad, my heart sank to the floor, was I too late, should I have been staying at the hospital, waiting for this to happen? A nurse came running, he is in the other room.

If you never have seen a near-dead person, that you love, I think I woke up the whole hospital, even the doctor came running, and a couple of nurses before I took a nose dive down in the floor, here was my dad in the room next door, and they were giving him chest compression, tubes hanging out everywhere, and he look like he had died.

I was pulled in to the coffee room and they all tried to convince me he was not dead but was close a couple of times.

I promised not to scare the rest of the sick residents if I could go into my dad, and here I sat, just looking at him, how, how to could have happened? My sister in law had found someone that could sit both boys, so she came up as soon as she could. She told me she had called in sick for the next few days, so it was no rush to get home, my son was taken care of.

They were able to stabilize my dad, by putting him in a coma, and a shadow showed up at the end of his bed. I knew right away who it was, and I said immediately, “No you can not have him, he stays right here. He is not done living”

The next 5 days I sat with my dad, just holding his hand, and didn’t move. I got a toothbrush, from the hospital and after a day or so, when they realized I had been sleeping in the chair, they brought me food.

The doctor came to visit several times each day, but no changes. He kept asked me to go home and relax and be with my boy, but I told I wouldn’t leave before I knew he was going to wake up.

I couldn’t tell him, I had a communication with someone there was ready to pick up my dad, even I believe some of my readers will think it is crazy.

After 5 days of an internal battle, the person disappeared from the end of the bed and my dad woke up from his coma; he looked at me and said, “are you still sitting here?” I smiled; “Where should I else be?”

We call the family and while they were visiting; I went home and took a shower; I knew my son was well taken care of, and his first question was, “when can I see grandpa.”

My dad stayed a bit longer than expected and the next time the doctor visit, he informed us, if my dad was gone home on the past Friday as planned, he would not have been alive today.

Everything went to fast, he collapsed a few minutes after saying goodbye to me, that Saturday afternoon, My father died in 2015 and when I finally got his things, I found the clover in the book he had with him to the hospital, right where I have put it for 25 years ago.