The Possum

In 2000, driving home in the evening with my Hubby and my son, I saw a couple of eyes too late and I banging on the side of the car. I knew I had hit an animal, and the last couple of miles I was in tears.

My husband tried to comfort me, but no matter helped. I took the flashlight and ran out to my car, with a large size bathrobe under my arm.

I drove back to where I knew I had hit the animal and found a medium size possum. I could see he was bleeding and very confused, he did fuzz a bit when I took him up and put him in my car.

When I got home I put him in one of our pet carriers and a little bit of water, so he could sleep comfortably during the night.

The next morning, I went and check on him and he was still alive, when I walked up to the carrier, he didn’t say a thing, no fuzz or anything, just waiting. I opened the door, fresh water and a bit of dog food.

In the afternoon before my husband got home, I could actually put my hand in and pet him, my very first meeting with a possum.

That evening I showed my husband, how I was able to pet him. As soon as I got close to the cage, my husband screamed in fear; WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! I told him to quiet it down and not scare everyone in the house, and so he did. I walked out there again, opened the cage, and pet the possum. He just looked at me and said, you must really have hit him hard since you can pet a wild possum, they bite.

I closed the cage and walked over to the door, where my husband was standing and say, you try, just walk over there, you don’t have to pet him. As soon as he took one single step in at the door, the possum went crazy, rattle the carrier as if there were no tomorrow, hissing at him.

He walked back to the door, and said, the possum is crazy. I said; no, it is okay… I walked over to the carrier again, and the first thing my husband said, be careful it will bite you. I just answered without looking at him, no it will not, I opened the cage and put my hand in and scratch it behind its ear.

I turned around smiled at my husband and said, see nothing is wrong, nothing at all… he shook his head in disbelief and walk out of the door. We never talked about the possum again, the next day, I took him out of the carrier and put him outside. I wonder what kind of story he told his family.