The lonely cowboy

After a year in our old apartment, we moved into another, just a block down the road.  

This one was newer and a little bit bigger, but not by much, just enough for two.

I remember one day, while my boy was in school, sitting on my bed, reading some papers. I felt someone was in the room, and when I looked up, I saw a skinny old man with a large size cowboy hat standing in the middle of the room, starting at me.

I asked, what he was doing here, and if he needed some help, but he just kept staring without saying anything. Shortly after he turned around and walked with a limp out of the bedroom door, and down the hallway.

I got up, followed him out of the door, but when I got to the bedroom door, he was gone. The smell of old man was hanging lightly in the room for a while. I went to check the front door, I surely must have forgot to lock it.

But when I got to the door, the door was locked.

I shook my head, as just one of those episodes, that comes up once in a while, and went on with my business.

A few days later, the scents of old man appeared again, and I followed it, and again he was standing in my bedroom, just staring, turned around and walked out of the door and down the hallway, where he disappeared.

After a while I got use to him, and each time I saw him, I just waved hello, even though he might not see me.

One day I was up talking with the property manager, and our conversation came across, people there have left us, and was no longer here. She mentioned, a few months back, she had just become a widower, and she really wished, she could talk with her husband, just one more time, but in the end, she was not sure if she believe it or not.

I asked her; Not to change the subject or anything, but do you know who the old man with the large size cowboy hat is?

She became more and more quiet, as I kept adding more and more details to my description of him. How he looked like, his facial feature, how big he was, and that he had a limp, like some pain in his hip. When I was done, I could see, she needed to sit down, so I went over and escorted her to a chair.  I asked her again, do you know who it is? She was final able to say something; where did you see him?

I said, well that is the weird part, as if my story wasn’t weird at all. He comes into my bedroom, just stares, then he walks out in the hallway, where he disappears.

She took a deep breath; No, I don’t want to scare you. I answered; I think that is a little bit too late for that, don’t you think?

She knew I was right, so she continued. The old gentle man died for 6 month ago, in the apartment you are living in now. I smiled and asked her, where his wife? Ehh, she is ehh, living right above you. We move her right after he died, because the apartment became too big for her.

No wonder, I replied, I will tell him next time I see him, where she is, I have a feeling that is whom he is looking for.  After that went back on her husband.

Few days later, the scents of old man appeared again in the hallway. I walked into the bedroom waiting for him, and shortly after he did appear, the same place as always. I called out his name, and It was like his eyes pierced right through me. Your wife is upstairs, she moved after you died, go up and visit with her, she is waiting.

After that day, he never showed up in the bedroom or hallway anymore, just in the kitchen, and when she moved away from the apartment and into a home, the scents, and the present of him slow fainted away too.

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