The library

As a teenager, I felt already as a senior moving around without my actual physical body.

One of my favorite places was the library, there were peace and quiet, the energy there was there did not disturb me, not noise of people talking during the daytime.

I read a book or two each time I was there after closing.

One night I wanted to test my skills; I wanted to see, if what I saw was just as fiction of my imagination or was it real.

I started my meditation and within minutes I was at the library. I knew the day before during opening hours, I had found a book I wanted to read the following night, and since I was late getting out, I handed the librarian the book, so she could put it up on the shelf.

I went over to pick it up right where she had placed it and sat down and read it. I When it became time for me to go back home, I went down in the other end of the library and put the book behind some of the other books, so I knew in the morning, when the library opened, where to find the book.

The next day, after school, I went into the library, and asked for following book, and the librarian, was orderly confused, because she knew I had handed her the book myself on my way out, and that she had put it where it belong on the shelf.

I thanked her and walked over to the shelf, where I the night before I put the book, and right behind the others, there was the book. 

Conclusion will be in the book when published.

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