The law of attraction

The universe is listening, each and every time you say: I wish..

Think of it like a major library of information and options, this can also be describe in physics term, or for more advance viewers in quantum physics term. of course there are a lot of things we still don’t understand, and eventual in the future it is able to be recorded, but right now, each thought is a connection to a major web/grid of trillions of thoughts every second, and with your 13 millions every second, where are you are only aware of 2500 of them, gives a lot of vibration on the grid in this greater universe of information.

Most of your thoughts are created out of emotions, both from your experience in the past and in the present. When you wish for something, you add in an emotion and as soon as the equation, becomes and absolute 0, meaning both side of the coin as equal, it will release your wish.

Below is 5 simple steps how to manifest what you want, just remember to be absolute clear of what you want, if you will get your manifestation as the universe think you want it. see personal stories under coaching.

  • Get clear on what you want. (Map if it need to be)
  • Ask the universe. (Remember the universe responds both to negative and positive thoughts.)
  • Work towards your goal (if you do nothing or forget about it, it takes a bit longer for the universe to respond, but it is part of the fabric now, just like a genie in a bottle, it is hard to change, if you don’t make a counter request.)
  • Trust the process (just because it doesn’t happen tomorrow, doesn’t mean it is not going to happen.)
  • Clear the resistance, ( mind map, you positive and negative factors, this way you can follow the process, on how far you are.)
  • Thank you universe when receiving,