The five in the high seat

For the next 4 years, I don’t remember much other than small things, there happened in the house. My parents and grandparents always kept a close eye on me, when it came to be leaping down the stairs.

Around the age of 9, I found myself yearning, and one evening, while I was lying in the bed, thinking how nice it would be to fly as high as the birds in the sky. At that moment, that single thought and my nose were against the ceiling, I turned around, just to see in horror, my body was still in the bed. Thinking to myself, “oh my god, did I just die?” In a split second, I was back in my body again.

A couple of weeks later, my curiosity got the worse of me, and I tried again.

just hanging right above my body.

After a while, I thought; What if I could go further out? And I was outside the house, feeling the air, and a light breeze, playing with my hair. Our house was right below me, and a single car was driving by.

I smiled and thought, “I want to see more,” and I moved even further out and saw the whole city below me from a distance.

After a while, I went back to my body and fell asleep.

I did this for a while, not really going anywhere, just flying above the city, just testing what seems so natural, nothing fancy, just feeling the air around me, the wind in my face, and my long hair being light tossed around.

One evening while hanging above the city, I thought; I wish there was more that I could see. The next moment the scenery change, and I was standing in a park in front of a big round fountain. I let my right hand run through the cold water. I was not alone, and no one seems to pay attention to me, so I didn’t want to bother them. Everyone was dressed in white long coats. The colors of the sky, the leaves on the trees were so much brighter than I have ever seen.

A woman came over to me and asked if I was ready, and I smiled and said, “yes” My hearth, I felt as if I had seen her before, but not sure where.

I walked in silence right behind her. We walked through some very very tall doors, and the echo of our feet continued all the way down a long hallway.

By the end of the hallway, there were another set of doors, she pushed me lightly through the doors, and said, “whatever you want, just ask for it”

I walked in and stood in the middle of a circular floor. I looked around and could see what look like a wooded half wall, as if they were steps, I later found out it was seating’s, with a wooden front. I looked up, and all the way up on the top were 5 men seated. At this point in time, I saw the white coats and what appears to look like “old men” It was first when I was old, I was told, why, and I was shown the real 5.

I Got a bid spooked, and when they asked why I was there, it sounded so loud and so angry. It spooked me to my core.

I said, “I want to go to school, I want to learn” they didn’t ask me what I wanted to learn, but they asked me, “if I felt I was ready for it. “

I said, “Yes.” I was so hungry for knowledge and wanted to learn more than just my ABC.

The person to the middle left said, “So be it” and shortly after I was back in my bed.

The following evening before going to bed, I went over to the fountain and was picked up, by the same lady, as the day before. She escorted me to the classroom, with children of my age, we all sat down and listen to her.

This continued for the next many years. Each time I asked for training, I was taken to the classroom, and those times I didn’t ask, I didn’t go.