The exam

For about 20 years ago, my son was worried about his math exam in school. I told him I believe he was going to do just fine and he would pass the test.

The next day, I waved goodbye to him at the school bus, went home and did some cleaning up, before getting ready for work.

At about 10 am, I was sitting in front of my computer, and suddenly I saw a math problem in front of me, as if I was thinking it, but I knew it was not me. I gave the answer, and shortly after another one popped up and I thought of the answer to that one too. This continued for a while, and by the hour, it ended.

In the afternoon my son came home, and while sitting eating in the evening, he said mom something strange happen today: While I was sitting in the class room taking my math exam, there were some problems I didn’t understood, so I asked in my mind, if someone could help me and I showed them my problem, and all the sudden I got the answer. I did that on some of the few others I didn’t know. This is not cheating is it?

We did this for the next couple of years, when I knew he was having exam, I quiet my mind so I could hear, if he needed any help, but I never told him, who was actual helping him

The monster in my bedroom

When my son was about 3. One evening after he was fast asleep, I sat down with a friend of mine to watch Freddy Krueger horror movie. Within the first 30 minutes, my son woke up screaming, in horror.

We both rushed to his bedroom, and he was standing at the bed and crying, saying don’t let the man take me.

We brought him into the living room, and asked him to describe the man, and here he was sitting describing Freddy Krueger and what was going on in the movie.

From that one, I stop watching horror movies until he was older. The man he saw in his nightmare went away, just like all the other character, he mention in some of the other horror movies I had seen in the past.