The cowboy’s six shooter

when i was a little boy, i was very close with my father, as most young boys are. He was my hero above all others.

He was an army man, so he traveled a lot. I always looked forward to his calls while he was away, and was super excited when he returned home.

we used to love to watch westerns and eat popcorn an after go out in the yard and play cowboys and Indians. I was always the sheriff of this two horse town.

One time when I was about 5 years old, he got called to tour in japan. half way around the world, I missed my father, I missed our time together, and took most of his time on the phone when he called to say hello.

One day ( night to him as the time difference) he called up and we talked about what we were going to do when he got back, an as always it was to play in the yard.

We finished and my mother got back on the phone and I went off to play. That night as i slept, I had a dream. I dreamt about my father coming back from tour and taking me to the mall.

We went to toys’r’us and he bought me the toy I had been wanting for what seemed like forever to my little mind. he had got me the sheriff get up, six shooter cap gun, belt with holster, the whole nine yards, even the badge!

In my dream we played for hours, shooting and arresting the  scoundrels in my two horse town. Then he told me he had to go back to work, and I watched him walk away.

When I awoke, I had the very toys he bought me from my dream. me being a kid, i didn’t understand what had happened, I thought it was all real, and not a dream. for I had the toys he bought me that very night.

I did my normal kid thing in the morning, ate my breakfast as was off to play out in the yard with my new cap gun. When my mother had seen me dressed up, and asked where I got the new toys.

I had told her about dad coming home last night and taking me to the mall, etc. she was in disbelief, she thought I had stolen them, being 5 years old, i’m not sure how she even got that in her mind, I was always with her.

so she called up my father in japan and asked him about it. he was blown away, he thought it was just a dream too. to this day my mother doesn’t believe any of it happened, but my father and I know it did. an that’s the story of how I got to see my dad from 12000 miles away.