The council of Five

In February of 2012, I was working overseas in Europe. I had been watching the weather forecast and could see they had announced they were going to close down one of the main bridges there connect the mainland to one of the islands, I knew if I didn’t want to be held up in traffic, I needed to get out early. I left around 10 am, hoping it would give me time enough to get on the other side before the storm hit.

I barely made to the beach house before the storm started to move a shore. The house was built in timber, and very close to the ocean, so when you were standing in the living room, you could actually hear how the waves wash ashore, even if the ocean was 500 meters away and the path was covered in tall dunes.

I had packed extra clothes, water and charge my phone and my computer to 100 %, so I knew when I landed, I wouldn’t have a problem with getting on the internet or call out, if needed. At this point I had not turned on the water or electricity, I knew I couldn’t “just” plug them in and charge them.

I got in and put my bag and my computer on the couch, while I headed out to get some wood for the wood burning stove.

I got the fire started, while I checked the weather channel on my phone, and then I walked out in the kitchen, which was the main entrance to the house, but not the main door.

While I was standing looking out, I could hear how the wind started to pick up, and a hollow sound came around the corner of the house, and sat the chimes there were hanging from the ceiling into a light motion, not much, just lightly.

I smiled, I love this kind of weather, when you can hear a roaring ocean, and a wind picking up for a dance with everything it touches.

Outside the window was a smaller green field and on the other side of the field, a dune covered in grass, and on top of the dune another beach house.

I could see how the wind blew the tall grass back and forth, standing inside just feeling how the heat from the wood-burning stove, is slowing warming up the whole house, while a war of nature’s power was going on outside, just makes you feel so tiny.

While looking outside, I saw the end of what looked like a “Jet-stream” rotating counter clockwise. At first, I thought it came over the dunes from the beach, it was hard to see due to the shed was in the way. I moved over to the right side of the window, leaned over the sink so I could see. It did not come from the beach, it came straight down and made a 90-degree angle before it coasted parallel with the ground and just stopped. I got so excited and could feel how the hair on my arms was standing.

Just for a moment, I forgot space and time, just watching what was going on, and all of a sudden the jet stream, started to split, over the ground. One by one I saw entities landing. I smiled and got so excited, thinking omg!! I need to record this.

I ran into the living room grabbed my phone and ran out in the kitchen again, just hoping it was still there. Turned my phone, which had been lying face down on the table, but the phone was completely dead. I tried to turn it on, but it didn’t want to turn on. I took the battery out, while still watching what was going on, added the battery to the phone again, nothing happened.

I stood for a while, kept watching how one by one they came down and landed on the ground.

I ran in to turn on the computer, I knew it was going to take a minute or two, so I ran out again, just staring.

Two minutes, and ran into the living room, the computer was off, tried to turn on the computer, nothing happened, and no I couldn’t just plug it in somewhere. So, I took out the battery just to put it back in, to see if that would help, plugged in the phone, just to see if it could have been a hiccup on the phone, but nothing happened, they were both completely dead. I thought I wish I could have taken a picture or just recorded it, so I could show my girlfriend what an awesome way of starting a weekend.

All sudden I felt I was not alone in the living room. Shoot my mind was racing, I did forget to check the rest of the house for a break-in, before all this started. I could feel there were more than one, maybe a bit surprising, but I also felt they didn’t want to harm me. I check the outer parameters, and I felt as if there were someone standing on each corner of the house, guarding the house.

I said, “hello” out loud without turning. A deep male voice said, “So you can see us?” I turn around and said, “Now I can see you, but I could feel you. I see you have guards outside, how come?” I was standing face to face with 5 entities, all humanoid, but not humans.

They told me they were part of the council of 5, which used to be the council of 9, for over 100.000 years ago. But due to conflict, two races died, another’s was not interested in the humans as a race, due to the lack of abilities to learn, and gain knowledge and understanding of what they had. They had been protecting the people on the Earth, from an early time, when the species was acknowledged as a race.

When they realized I was aware of what was going on outside, they turned off the phone and computer to get my full attention.

As the tallest one said, “You could see us when we came down?” I said, “Yes, how many are here?” he explained there were 300.000 entities accenting and why they were there.

He was tall large muscle, the female standing on the right side of him was about 175cm, and fair skin, skinny/fit with medium muscle mass, the male standing in the back, middle between the two other, had a fair skin, but a bit grey tint, like those there has been smoking for a while. The other two male same height, and a bit smaller than the female, not so much muscle mass, more brain, less combat.

When introduced, the male in the back took a step forward, and I realize it was as I was seeing an old long lost friend, The tall man turned around and look at him and then looked at me, and said, “yes I remember you two have seen each other before, but how would you remember you were not even 3” I made a fist and put it over my heart and said, some things you just don’t forget.

He smiled, and we continued talking for about 45 minutes, about the past and the future, and in the end before they left he said, “I want to give you want you need” I smiled and thanked them, and I closed my eyes for a second or two, I could feel as if millions of data was shared and my mind was filled up.

When he was done, he said, “I have added it to your subconscious and unconscious, so when you need it, you will be able to find it”  Where they were coming from, how far away, including our planetary system, and a few other things, that still doesn’t make sense, but I hope one day will

He said, since he knew I was still aware, I could always connect and ask a question as long as they were here.

And then they left. It was such a wonderful time, and I wish they could have stayed for a bit longer, I had so many more questions. I went over and got my phone, turned it on and turn on my computer before I called my girlfriend to tell her what just had happened and both of them were charged 100%.