Sleep my baby sleep

4 months after my son was born, my dad said he wouldn’t mind baby sitting him, so I could go out with my friends.

I recall coming home early, and as I laid down to go to sleep, I heard a baby cry. I got up and went to his bed, but his bed was empty. I heard the cry again, and I went to the living room, but again no one was there.

At first, I thought, my dad had brought him home, but since I could not find, I went and laid down again. I closed my eyes, and listen to the cry, a cry pierced through my heart.

I saw my son, laying in his bed, crying. My dad was standing over him, trying to get him to fall asleep, but no matter what he did, it didn’t help.

I walked over to my son’s bed, and caressed his face, put my hand on his chest, while humming him to sleep. Shortly after, the sound stopped, and I felt asleep.

The next morning, I went over to pick up my son, and I asked my dad if everything had been okay? He said yes, everything has been perfect no problems at all. I lifted my eye brow and said: No problems at all? What about 1:30 am when he was crying, and you couldn’t get to go to back to sleep.

My father became a bit surprised that I knew about it. He said; yeah, I didn’t want to tell you about it, in case you wouldn’t let me babysit him another time. I smiled: it takes a mother’s touch to get her baby boy to fall asleep, when he misses her.