Skill worker in Ancient time

We have so often heard when Ancient Aliens comes on history channel they still not sure how people were able to cut granite or other kind of stones back before they had some of the more advanced tools as we have today.

One theory is, did the aliens walk amongst them back then? that we can always guess if they did.

I was so lucky to be in the company of some delightful people over the weekend and the conversation, ended up on the precise cut there were done in the stones as if they were melted, and how it would be done without destroying the stone/rock completely.

I said it was actually very simple, and another idea is was given for them to go and test.

If I was living in Peru, with that was around me of natural materials, what would you use?

Look at the way the stone is constructed, the PH value is base. If you have to neutralize base, how would you do it? you would use acid. The point is not to just pour acid all over the rock, but create a simple line cut where you could use sand(with tiny diamond pieces and dust) water until it is deep enough for you pour the acid into the preformed line, there were made.

This way the stone “melted” into the shape of what you needed it to be. A very simple tool. When done, you will see a very residue of the acid and what was left would be neutralized with water.

So how were they able to figure this out? Have you ever tried to bite into a fruit there were not ripe yet? You know how they taste, very bitter. Another example, you have so many different smaller size animals where they use the venom to kill or stun the prey they are hunting, after generation of generation, they know the acid can be used to several things, and maybe they collected it to use of cutting, “melting” stones.

let me know what you think, how would you cut stone or rock with the material you have around you?