Short of a fuse

I am still thinking how on earth I was able to grow up with two parents there didn’t go insane of all the things that happen in the house when I was young.

I believe I had my run with electricity, more than other children.

My parents always had extra fuses for the fuse box, just in case, I shorted the house, and unfortunately, it happened very often in our house.

My mom knew each time it happened, my short hair stood out as if I was touching a plasma ball, and if I touched anything there were connected to anything electric, as lamp or machine, I would short the house.

I recall one Christmas, my parents were for the first time going to have the Christmas dinner at our house, instead of down the street at my grandparent’s house. I was about 5 at that time, and so excited.

My mom had informed my dad to buy extra fuses just in case, something happened. While my mom, grandma, and aunt were in the kitchen, cooking dinner, my dad was told to keep an eye on me in the Livingroom, I was under no certain stance allowed out in the kitchen.

We both watching cartoons, on the TV, when my dad got up and said, he needed to go to the bathroom and asked if I could sit still until he got back. I smiled and just nodded my head, still not sure, when he didn’t tell my mom. At this point in time, I have taken so many nose dives not just from the stairs, but tables, chairs, trees.

As soon as he left the room, I got up and walked out in the kitchen. I still recall the horror in my mom’s face, and her paaaauuuullllll when she saw me, but before anyone could react, I had put my hands on the side of the stove, and the whole house went dark.

My dad came into the kitchen, I believe he figured out it was me. My mom wanted to know what happen and he said he had to go, so he had hoped…..

My mom turned around and asked if he could add a new fuse to the breaker box since the dinner was in the oven. My dad’s face turned very white and the total red… yup, he had forgotten to buy some.

So, everything got packed and my dad and grandpa walked all the food down to my grandparents.

From that day one, we always had our Christmas dinner at my grandparents, and we children were not allowed in the house, before most of the dinner was done, just in case.

Does it still affect me today, absolutely, I can’t still short things out, but not in the same format as when I was a child. I just had to be careful around certain objects, and if the electricity is building up in the atmosphere, I have sparks flying each time I get close to anything of metal.