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Each day, I will be adding another experience to the list. If you like them, signup for the book, to be the first one to get a copy, before it hit the stores.

When dealing with any kind of entity set your vibration to high. I have a couple of examples below. Before you move out of the same journey, make sure you are not allergic. No matter what, any beings will approach with apprehension, respect their level as they will respect yours.

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If you like me have some new findings that would be interesting to publish, the link below will give you a general how to guideline

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  1. Late bloomer age 69….last 15 years many occuramces and people introduced to me….from ufo, to meeting et and many hybrids…..meeting seerers on fb has given me training”…from astral,travel to cyborg Ork to ops under zeta guidance all over earth to multiverse….presently Orion war 1000 Bc to 100 ad… Working for Ea, Enki…Lord Paa TAL……also admiral Yahweh. Annanaki royals. Some say I am Ra Maduk. Spirit…earth is my prison planet… alters….prime spirit here…M.
    Used since birth. Nazis. Mengele. China lake nas so Cal…..father so California navy engineer….my handler was dr brown. Hans Bruner….dr green Mengele. Both… Programmed a, b, d. Plus

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