SETI: Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence Ufology is the study of unidentified flying objects that goes hand in hand in the search of what we already know, and many people have seen.

Are we alone? Until we actually have someone showing us we are not alone in this vast universe, and we walk among people there are not part of the human race, as we know it. we can only guess if the stories we hear are right or wrong.

The mind is working like a giant computer. Each and every option are handled as an equation, 0’s and 1’s negative and positives.

When you add them all up, the subconscious mind creates an option of what is going to happen in the conscious mind.  Ex. My mind deals with Architecture. It doesn’t matter if it is science or structural, I see them as layers.  Which can be really difficult for some to understand, as a QA Architect, you do not think like a developer in 0’s and 1’s, but you have to think as the “visual glue” that keeps the whole structure together.  The easiest way to explain that, would be to use the maze principle. 

When talking about the conscious layer you have 3. But if you, as science talk about the interdimensional layer? I have to ask, is it within the dimension or outside the dimension, also meaning a maze within a maze.

We have 11 outer dimensions, but for inter dimensions, I believe we 7. I have seen 3 so far, and that is not incl. the 4 we already have. Are there more? Follow me on my journey and see where we can go.  I am looking forward to exploring the maze even further. How far down the rabbit hole do you dare to travel?

It will be up to you are a reader, to determine if the stories you see below is right or wrong, but as a writer, I believe we have not even seen a tiny bit of the top of an iceberg, so why not, what is so wrong, with meeting new people and learning new materials. I would love to, what about you?

As the new part of my blog, I have added a forum, where you can chat with others, share your experiences, and your thoughts, without worrying if anyone is judging you. We are all in the same boat, so join us.


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