Play card with my sister

My sister moved away with my mom, after I had moved away from home. With 4 hours’ drive, it was not that we could just visit each weekend.

She had her school and her horse, so most of our conversation back then was over phone.

We had a game we played back then. In the evening, when she had gone to bed, she called me, and we agreed to play. Back then, even local phone calls were so expensive. We each had a deck of regular cards, where we agree to go through the first 10 in the deck, which of cause was shuffled. She would look at the card and think about it, and I would write down what I saw.

Then after 10 cards, we would make contact, and then continue with additional 10 card, where I was the one there were calling the card in my mind, while she was the one there were trying to see them.

As siblings with 4.5 years difference, I still recall playing this game for a long while, (months) to see if we could hit all 10 cards for both of us.

In the end our mother stopped the game, the phone bill became too expensive, and we never played again.