On a journey.

When my son was about two years old, my dad went on the trip to Barcelona. This was not a regular trip, but as 70-year-old and recent retiree, he wanted to do something – He trained most of the year before, – riding his bicycle around Denmark, short trips, but also longer trips.

That year he became 70, he packed his bicycle and drove towards Barcelona, for Olympics. I had a list of the camping places, he was going to camp overnight. We had agreed before he took of, that each day, when settling the night, he should call/make contact. We had planned a time, when he was going to call, of cause with plus time, in case of traffic or other things that might happen that day.

One day my father was an hour late, and my son became in patient, so instead of sitting still waiting, he ran back and forth between the living room, and the hallway.  All the sudden he stopped out in the hallway and cried out, in joy. Grandpa!!!

I could feel how the hair was rising on my neck and a cold feeling swept over my body, but I didn’t feel my dad was hurt, so what did my son see?? “A ghost” well that was what I thought back then.

Few minutes later, the phone rang and my father was in the other end saying hello. I told him about the episode in the hallway, and he laughed lightly. I understand he replied: I had just sat down in the tent to relax before calling you two.

I was just thinking, how nice it would be to walk in of the front door, having a little boy screaming in joy, Grandpa!!! After that, we continued talking, about his trip and what had happened that day.

We agreed, he was going to do the same thing each day, before called. Just thinking he was going walk through the front door greeting my boy. Each day during the trip, I knew he was going to be okay, when my son saw him in the hallway, before he called.

As two-year-old, he would often wait for grandpa, and as soon as he saw him, he would say mom, mom, get to the phone, grandpa is calling soon.