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Deep Structure of the Lunar South Pole‐Aitken Basin

South pole of the moon

This is the one of the best news I have heard in a long time. The South Pole‐Aitken basin is a gigantic impact structure on the far side of the Moon, with an inner rim extending approximately 2,000 km in the long axis dimension. can this be what we have been looking for? As the article continues: The structure and history of this basin are illuminated by gravity and topography data, which constrain the subsurface distribution of mass. These data point to the existence of a large excess of mass in the Moon’s mantle under the South Pole‐Aitken basin. This anomaly has a minimum mass of 2.18 × 1018 kg and likely extends to depths of more than 300 km. Plausible sources for this anomaly include metal from the core of a differentiated impactor or oxides from the last stage of magma ocean crystallization. Although the basin‐forming impact event likely excavated the vast majority of the preexisting crust, the present‐day crust of the basin interior is at least 16 km thick in undisturbed regions. And as Henning Haack research scientist from Gem Museum, has said: I doubt the object found on the moon is an asteroid. Please stay updated with current news.

reference: Science letter AGU 100;

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