My first and second sighting

When I was a little girl I spent most of my time with my grandma and grandpa. They were living down the street, so it was easy for me to run down and visit with them, whenever I felt like it. One afternoon I remember my grandma was in the kitchen and I was in the living room playing.

I ran out to her and said, “grandma, grandma hurry up, I need you to come into the living room” I took her hand and pulled her into the living room and over to the window. I ask her to pick me up so we could look out. She asked me, “what we were looking for?” And I pointed towards the sky and said, “See, see don’t you see it?” I remember putting in my face against the window watching 5 UFO’s flying formation across the sky. At that age, when someone leaves, you always become sad, and so did I.  Waving bye-bye, while they were flying by.

When they were gone, I cried and wanted to go home. I still recall the shock on my grandma’s face, when she tried to comfort me while saying, “Your mom is going to be here any minute to pick you up so you can go home.” I turned to her and said, “She is not my mom and I want to go home” Before my grandma died, we talked about this event, and yes, she still remembered but was surprised I did. I was about 2 when it happened. She knew I saw something in the sky, but she never saw, what I saw.

The next time I saw the same ships I was about 5. We were out driving, my grandma’, mom and I. side by side with the car, they were flying right above the treetops. I said, “see”, when I realize, they might not understand, what it was, so when my grandma looked out of the window, asking what it was I was looking at, I just turned to her and said, “it is gone now.” Somehow, I wanted it to be my secret, and since they couldn’t see what I was seeing, then it didn’t matter.

They never came back in this form, but a few years later, just before turning 9, I finally met with the council.