Mayan calendar

For a very long time, we heard the Mayan calendar, would stop at 2112,2012 and a lot of historians speculated what was going to happen?

Some played the doom day card, while others took it as it, let’s see, what will happen on 2112, 2012

In the end of Feb 2012, I had a visit. One of those you write home about and everyone thinks you are going mad and the rest of those that actually believe goes in verbal expression of “wow, I wish it was me.”

In the end of the visit, I asked, how I was able to give this information, the level of attention it needed.

They told me to verify with the Mayan calendar. He said the date in our calendar system was not 2112, 2012, but 2102, 2012. He informed me, when the date was changed a lot of information would fall into place. He knew only a few scholars knew about this date.

I also asked him what the date was for? He told me it was the date of contact.

If the Mayan was guided by the E.T’s let’s have a look at the two dates. 2112, 2012, if you add all the numbers together, it becomes 11. Take the same number and convert it to a binary number and then add all the ones and it becomes 12. 11 I understand, but 12 I don’t.

We all know how it went when we got to the 21st. of December that year.

Let’s try with the other date, there were given. 2102, 2012. When you add all the numbers together it becomes 1 0. When you write the number out in binary numbers it becomes, yes you have guess correct 1 0.

I will leave it up to the scholars and you as my reader to decide if this is correct or not? what do you think, add in your comments below.

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