Daily, we walk through our life, not sure the outcome, of where we are going or how our thoughts and patterns can have a affect of the future. Sometimes you see things happens for no reason, but each outcome has a thought behind it. Every action has a reaction, and every reaction, has a counteraction. learn the basic steps how to control your manifestations.

Every moment we wish for something to happen, and each moment the universe answer that wish, eventual it will Manifest it self into an action not matter if you like it or not. By learning how to follow the correct steps, you will also avoid how to get in to a situation you have not thought that you wished for.

We here at FiftyDueWest uses the mind map algorithm. It is actual very simple and very easy to learn, this way you can also create visual so you know what to aim for in the future.

  1. On a piece of paper, Write in the middle what you wish for.
  2. Draw a circle around it.
  3. On the right side, write down all the items or object that are positive, you know that can help you to manifest what you wish for.
  4. On the left side, write down all the items or object that are negative, prohibit from manifesting what you wish for
  5. Align both lists, are there more on the positive side or more on the negative side?
  6. Go back to the negative side, and look at which item or object you can work on right now? (sometimes they might become a goal within it self, and then you have to split it out in smaller pieces)
  7. work on one at the time, and when done, move it to the positive side.
  8. continue until all the items on your list is done, and at that time, your item or object or situation will appear

Still feel like you need help? We would love to help you, with mind mapping sessions.