Listen to the vibration

After a friend of mine had his bypass surgery, I taught him how to meditate. He still had a problem with his high blood pressure so meditation helped lower it until he got his medicine adjusted.. Having a couple of “made believed psychics” telling him, he was at the end of his life, while he still felt full of life, didn’t help him at all.

He and I had spent hours on Skype, trying to convince him he was not going to die, and that he was going to stick around for a long time. In the end, he was convinced and realized that he could start living out all his dreams.

One morning about 10 days later, I woke up, feeling my heart was pounding out of my chest, and I could barely breathe. At first, I thought, Wow what is going, but in that split second, as you “piggyback the vibration” you realize it is not you, but a person within your inner network.

I got up and called him on the phone, to see what was going on.  When I got him on the phone, I could hear he had a hard time breathing and he told me his chest hurt and the blood pressure was 180/101. I said yes I could feel it. The vibration I was receiving was rapid and short.

I asked him, did you not get a pacemaker? He said, “yes, he did, but it was not working. I have also tried meditation and breathing techniques like you taught me, but nothing is working, not even the medicine, in case this happened.” I told him to sit down, and he did. I told him to close his eyes and he did, I continue telling to repeat the techniques, as I have taught him, inhale/exhale slowly 5 times. After 2nd exhale, I closed my eyes, let my consciousness move over right next to him, and in that moment he said, I can feel a hand on my right shoulder, and a warm sensation running down my arm and into my chest. 

I answered I know, keep breathing. I kept my hand on his should until I could feel the pressure in my chest, fainted away, and then I let go. I told him to note the time and take his blood pressure again.

He did about 5 minutes after the time we started, and his blood pressure was down to 160/90. I asked him to call the ambulance; he needed to go to the hospital to get it changed.

When we got offline, he called right away and a few days later he got the pacemaker changed. This episode happened a few years short of 2010, and he is still alive today. 

What did the doctor say? You can not lower your BP that much within just 5 minutes, I wonder when they realize, that meditation and breathing techniques can be used to more than just falling asleep.

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