Leaping down the stairs

Shortly after my first sight, I experience standing on the top of the stairs in my grandma’s house.

I was a month or two short of 3 years old.

I still remember my grandma told me to hold on with both my hands while walking sideways down the stairs.

I took the first two steps, and then I remember, landing on the plateau before the staircase turned in a 90-degree angle, I thought it was cool I was so fast making it down the stairs. I looked up to see where my grandma was, and at that moment, I turned, to lookup of the stairs, I saw my body coming tumbling down the stairs. When it reached the plateau, I became one with my body again.

My grandma got terrified, and screamed, my grandpa, came running up from the basement to see what was going on, I just sat and smile, like nothing had happened.

The following weeks I was not allowed to go on the stairs, my grandma was scared it would happen again, but after a while, I think she forgot it.

One morning we got up and my grandma said, “hang on with both hands” and I did, well my body did, I took the same trip down the stairs, and a few seconds later, my body came tumbling after me.

I thought it was funny, both neither my parents or grandparents could see the humor in the situation.

From that moment on, my grandma told me to sit on my behind and move down one step at the time. She still had no clue how it happens, so when it happened again, while I was sitting down, she ended up sitting in front of me all the way down the stairs. The happen until I was able 6. When I started school it stopped.

I think my mom was happy it didn’t happen at our house, but believe it or not, when my sister came, she had more than enough with told her in one hand and dirty diapers in the other hand.

I still recall two episodes; my mom had just changed my little sister and asked me to hold on to 4 cloth diapers in one hand while I was walking down the stairs. Not that it bothered me, but again I took two steps, and right in front of my mom, she saw 4 diapers went flying up in the air, while I went tumbling down the stairs, I was again waiting at the plateau for my body to arrive. She was mad, mad because she had dirty diapers everywhere.

About a year later, my older brother was there to visit with his new girlfriend. I wanted to share with him, what I could do, and while they were sitting in the Livingroom, he and everyone else could hear the dadum dadum, of a tumbling body. I did not land at the plateau this time, but right in front of the radiator in the hallway. And scared the living out of everyone. It was first when I became an adult, my brother and I talked about it, and he still remembered that day.