Last conversation with my grandma part 2

After my conversation with my grandma, I could still feel, whoever there had been sent to me was still around. I turned to him and said, “I understand this might be a big request, but can you make my grandma’s passing as easy as possible?” I know it might be hard for you as a reader to understand, but in my conversation, I asked for my mom not to be there when my grandma was leaving.

After that, he went away.

3 weeks later after my grandma passed, I talked with my mom, and she told me, she was very sorry, but she never made it up there in time.

She told me what had happened, and this was her side of it. In the afternoon, she had been up there to visit, and again my grandma was more interested in petting her two dogs, than to talk with my mom. After an hour, my mom drove home. A few days before the car had been to service, and everything had been checked out, the car was tip-top shape.

In the early evening, just a couple hours after she had been at my grandma, she got a phone call from the nursing home, “You better come up here, your mom is not doing well, we believe it is anytime soon”

She jump out in her car, turned the key and nothing happen, she tried again, and it was dead. She went in and got her husband, which checked the battery, but the battery was fully charged, so that was not it.

He went over that car, checked it for everything, while my mom could see she was not going to make it. She called her cousin and asked if she could drive up to my grandma, and so she did.

When she got up there, she thought she was already gone, but when she sat down by my grandma side, took her hand, my grandma woke up and said, thank you for coming, I have been expecting you.

After a short conversation, my grandma said, “they are here now to pick me up, I would like for us to do the fathers prayer together” The prayed together, and my grandma died.

As you probably already know, at the same time, all this is going on, my mom is still trying to get the car to start. After my grandma dies, my mom goes out to try just one more time, and the car starts. I never told her why. But I want to share it with everyone of you now.