Just flying by to say hi.

The fall season, came with cold weather, and the cold weather is not the perfect weather to sit outside for CE5, so when the cold weather came to Houston, I stayed inside.

On 12/13/19 in the end of the afternoon, I heard a loud pitch sound in both of my ears. (It happens every so often, so I don’t spend much time worrying about it) but it what was came after.

I heard telepathic someone asking me to come outside, and a feeling of connection. It continued for a while. I finished the things I was doing, turned off the light and, shortly after around 7 pm, I got my coat and my laser and walked outside.

I sat down in the chair and without starting my meditation I said, “Greetings” and then I showed my location, while made a single flash up in the sky. Within seconds, I got a flash back, in the same area I flashed at.

A white lucid light shoot over the sky from the same area to right over my head and stop.

I said, you moved, you are right over my head. I used my laser to show where I believe he was, and I got a flash back. (the flash looked like a light on a lighthouse, as a beacon)

I repeated back, to verify I have seen it, then I got another flash, and when I repeated again, I got yet another one, and then a 3rd one before 2 planes came into the area and the flashed stopped.

I could hear, “The sky become busy, have a good evening” he stayed for a little while, and then I could feel he took off and was no longer hanging in the sky over me.

I feel so happy, so content, awesome experience. It is nice to feel missed.

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