I made a friend

   For about 5 years ago, I had a friend of mine visiting during the summertime. one evening we had the door open out to the yard. and a big tree roach came walking in of the door and up on the wall. My friend said uff… do you want me to get it?

I said, “no don’t worry he will go out when I tell him to” my friend giggled and said, “Roaches don’t listen” I got up, walked over to the roach and pointed at the door and said with a very harsh and deep voice, “Out!!” while I pictured him turning around and walking out of the door. The roach turned around and walked right out of the door, and my friend was speechless.

I smiled and he said, “well you were just lucky.” A few minutes later another one came in and the same happened. He didn’t say more about them after that.

At Christmas time my friend came to visit again, and one evening I called him into the living room, told him to stay in the hallway into the living room. he saw I was sitting at the fireplace petting a big tree roach. his eye became wide open and said, “Wow are you not scared of them? I answered, “What is there to be scared of? I will show you one thing.”

I walked over to him and the roach stay on the same spot. I said, “Now you walk over there” at first he shook his head, but I assured him, they roach would harm him, he started walking over towards the fireplace. He made it, not even halfway into the living room before the roach started to walk up of the fireplace.

I said, “I can feel you are scared and the roach can feel it too”. My friend took a deep breath, and by the next step, the roach went even further up. I told my friend to come back, and he did. he smiled and excused, well it is a wild animal, so you can’t….

I took a step into the living room, sat my vibration as before, and walked over to the roach which was sitting still, took a step up on the fireplace, put my finger over to the roach, which climbed up on my finger and while I was walking it out of the door.

I could see my friend shaking his head in disbelief, “If I haven’t seen it, I would never have believed it.” Dragan, it is all about vibration and fear. you set your fear high, the vibration is low, you set your fear to 0, your vibration is high. does it make sense? you can use the same formula to everything, as soon as you sense fear, and it is not from you, just disable it, by showing you mean only love and respect.