I don’t believe in ghosts.

I believe we had been living in the house, for a good part of two years or so, when I tried to introduce my spiritual beliefs, and that my house was occupied with entities, to my dad.

My dad was brutally honest, he didn’t believe in it, and special something he couldn’t see. It wasn’t that they were not around, when he was there, far from it, he just didn’t see it, the same way as everyone else in the house, and the rest of us, we just got used to them.

 Whoever was in the house, had occupied both floors, and we could hear both front doors go, and the sound of footsteps over the floor? They even played billiard and cleaned up the dishes, sometimes, that was at least what we heard.

One evening after a long talk with my dad the same day, I called him around 10 pm. He picked up the phone, and I asked him if he was interested in coming over for a cup of coffee, – Not really, he answered. He had already gone to bed, but in the end, I got him convinced to come just for a little while, I wanted to show him something that couldn’t wait until the next day.

He agreed, so while he was on his way over, I made coffee.

It didn’t take him long to ride his bicycle ½ mile, so before the coffee was done, he was knocking on the door.

He knew Nic and I was alone, due to the fact, each of my renters was working night shift.

I told him to go in and sit down in the chair, he did while I brought the coffee in.

He asked: so what is going on, what is it, you would like me to see.”

I smiled and said: wait a moment and you will hear it.”

So here we sat in silence, waiting. Shortly after, the sound of billiard balls hitting each other, and pins was falling, was echoing through the floor.

He looked at me while sipping his coffee: “who is downstairs playing billiard?”

I looked at him and said, no one.”

He objected and replied: but I can hear them.”

You can? Yes, of course I can, who is it?”

I said, “why don’t you go down and look.” I knew if I told him what it was, he wouldn’t believe in me, so it would be easier for him to see it.

He was not keen to go down there but went down to the billiard room anyway.

After a while, he came up, looked at me and said; “No one, no one was down there, the room was empty, and the light was off.”

I smiled and said, yes; I know.”

He asked again, but who is at home and walking around playing billiard?”

“No one, no one is at home.”

“But I can hear them,” he answered, “So if no one is at home, why can I hear someone playing billiard?”

I said: hang on, just wait a moment.”

My dad sat down, and again we were sitting in silence.

Shortly after the sound of people talking and playing billiard echoed through the floor.

My dad looked at me and said, you guys are joking with me?”

I shook my head and said nope, not at all, but you can always go down there again, and check, even the rooms too.”

He got up, rushed down the stairs and ran into the billiard room, and again, he was met with silent and a dark empty room.

Before he came up again, he checked each room to see if anyone was at home hiding, but everyone was out, except my son and I.

He came up, completely puzzled, so what was it he heard?

When he sat down in the chair again, he had so many questions.

I told him to hold on to the questions, it was not finished yet.

He looked at me, with a big question mark, what could be more than this?

The sofa I was sitting on was up again the wall into the kitchen, and my dad was sitting in the sofa chair across from me.

Is there more,” he asked?

Oh yes, just wait a minute”, and we did.

A few minutes later, you could hear the sound of chatter in the kitchen, while someone was putting up dishes.

My dad looked at me; Who is in the kitchen now, and they are putting up dishes?”

I said to my dad, “why do you go and look?” My dad got up, walked out into the kitchen, and shortly after he came back with even more questions.

“Are you guys are teasing me? You are getting an old man out of his bed for this?” I could feel he was getting really upset, and not enough his daughter wouldn’t tell him what was going on.

I said, “I am going to show you; I am not teasing you,” I opened the living room door out to the hallway, moved his chair just a little bit so he could see out in the hallway, without having to get up. this way he could also see if someone was walking into the kitchen.

I looked at him and said; “you did check the kitchen?” Yes, except for the broom closet, but no one fits into that one.”

Good, then just wait.

About a minute or so sitting in silence, the noise of people chatting and moving dishes up in the cabinet continued and at this point, I could see my dads face, He couldn’t find the right answer for what it was, tried to reason, with the noises and the chatter, but no matter what, he came up empty-handed.

In the end, he said; “I give up, tell me, what is it, what have I just heard?”

I said “this is our ‘ghosts’ the ones you don’t believe in. his face turned pale white; is this the ghosts?”

I said yes; “it is…” His answer came right out of the blue. His face lit up and with a grin he said; well it is really nice of them to do your dishes.”

He never questioned them, or the sounds in the house again. He always said, when he heard the front door go. “Did you remember to lock the door?” And I would always: yes, I did. “

he would smile because he knew what it was but never said anything.

The conclusion to what we heard will be in book format later this year.