How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

In 2016, I had a debate with a group of IA developers, and about space and time. How we are able to in the future travel to places where humans have never been before, and never will go, due to the fact it was so far away, even with a ship of generation within a generation, it would never happen.

In my time growing up, I have always been told, to ask questions if I had any and I did plenty.

One afternoon, I tried to make contact, but nothing happened, I tried the next day and the following day, and finally in the late afternoon on the 4th day I finally heard a reply.

A contact was made, and I asked the first question, which of course was followed by a whole lot more questions.

I wanted to know who it was I was talked with and where they were. I wanted to see where I was from their point of view.

That day I was pulled out of my body, hanging as if my consciousness was hanging more than 20 meters up in the air looking down at my body’s mechanical motion of walking, just like a robot. A car drove by, looking like a toy car, and at first, I wanted to ask, how so, but the answer was before I even have time to ask, easy, remember you are and can still control the body even if you extend your consciousness outside the body.

I smiled and looked around, but couldn’t see who was talking, so I said, “I want to see this from where you are.” A short period silent and someone said okay. I was pulled out even further, and the beings I met were so vast that it made out universe look so tiny.

The male entity pointed down, and I looked. He said, “This is the easiest way to explain what we see.”

I saw a line of 11 dimensions, side by side, like slices on a loaf of bread. (easiest for the reader to understand)

He said, “Each of these was a dimension by itself, they could not exist on its own without the others. This way for us, it becomes one big universe with 11 independent universes. (mind-boggling?) I then asked, “but where are we?” The planet Earth is here, on the 3th dimensions from the right within the 11 dimensions, and here is the earth, he showed me where earth was. And in my excitement, I said, “but we are so close to the edge, what would happen if we do?” Not sure if he had any humor, he answered, “that it would never happen” Just as a child starving for knowledge I wanted to know more. And After 1. 5 days of asking questions I heard answer I never thought I would ever hear.

These are just a few of my many questions.

  1. How far is the end of the universe? 435.674 trillion light-years. And 65.000 trillion light-years to the other side. I gave up asking for the other two sides. As he said, even if you travel to the end, you will never make it before the race of whom I am born into ceased to exist.
  2.   Is there more than one of me? No each of the 11 dimensions is individual, but yet conjoint, if you were to take one away it will destroy them all.
  3.  Are there dimensions within the dimension and he said yes. We have several, for us to be able to live within the same universe and no none of the will be able to move between the out layer of dimensions, only within the inner.
  4. I asked him to show me how and he did, I believe he thought that might be the easiest part. When you move in inner dimensions you move as if you are projecting outwards. But since you can live without your body, but the body can not live without you, you can only project an image of who you are, until you learn how to bend the first 3 layers of space. At that time, you might feel very lonely, until you understand to merge your consciousness with others, you will only see that, you.
  5. Why is it in layers? He answered, looking at it from our perspective, he is layered, but when you look within it is multidimensional. Are they able to see them all yes, how small are they? So small that even a proton or an electron is multi-dimensional.
  6. Are you God? You are sitting out here watching all 11 dimensions like we are sitting in one watching the stars. He said no he was not.
  7. Is there any dimensions outside this one, which with hold not just the dimension that with hold the 11 dimensions, and that he answered yes. How many that he was not even sure of, since he has himself never asked, but it he had to go by the amount I have already seen, even the scientist can answer that one right?
  8. Have you ever talked with anyone beyond this layer, he said no.
  9. Do you believe in A God, he answered I don’t know what God is.

My conclusion in the end is, if we are able to send a self-efficient IA out of a journey to reach to the end of the universe, we will never know if the make it. Is there an expansion within the vast space, yes. If one dimension expands the others do too, but yet without interacting with each other. Scary?

How far down the rabbit hole does you want to go?