Futurism is a collection of science and technology ideas that shape our world tomorrow. Have you ever thought, where people get their ideas from? I know “futurism” is a new world, but who says it has not been around centuries, may even millennium. Our brain is so advanced, that it is always looking for a better solution, to improve what it is already there. I have listed ideas below, but for futurism, is this something to improve what is already there, or is it a peek into the future there is already created. Look below on the list, then you might be able to determine if it is futurism or remote viewing.

Remote viewing.

Out through our lifetime, many of us experience, the ability to see information(s). this can be around family, friend, everyone you have close to your hearth, but it can also be far away in a distant past of in the far future. place you have never been or visit every so often. The physical sense of right now right here, become one with the past and the future. Remote viewing(RV) is not something new, it has been around for centuries and can be found in numerous books, and as the “second sight,” it has been used on numerous occasions.

Remote viewing as a controlled procedure was created in the U.S by the C.I.A in the 1970s under the project “Stargate.” As for the project “RV” personal I do not believe it has ever been closed down, but out to the public it has.

As a system engineer, I am one of the few that uses RV in my daily work. It makes it easier to understand new technology; the complexity of requirements and architecture.

If you are interested in learning how to Rv, I have added some links, Below on the page: “how to learn RV”

Are these events futurism or remote viewing?

1. Harvest energy from lightning

2. We will understand; removing oil and gas from our underground will creates major sinkholes. all “free energy” will still be charged.

3. All cars will be coated from the outside with bulletproof/scratch material, incl. windows, (front, back, and side), The glass is easily breakable from the inside, in case of an accident.

4. All cars will be equipt with a facial recognition 360-degree camera, in case of an accident or drive-by violence.

5. All flying vehicles can be licensed by people over 30 years, and the certificate cost will be for the high-end middle class and up. this will separate the population and the road congestion(commute) will easy up.

6. 95% of white color workers will be working from home and their children will be homeschool from online academies.

7. All blue colored workers will be offered school from their workplace, for their children. In the future, there will be no schools as we know them today.

8. In ancient times the people wanted to build a place there could be seen from the “stars”, which is the reason they build The great pyramid, also known as the tower of babel.

9. In 2450 the Paris France has undergone a transformation and with no cars driving on the street as we know it today, the Eiffel tower will be under a dome of glass, and the surrounds area will be tall building to handle the increasing population, everything under the dome is trees and walkways. Type II civilization

10. within the next 50/100 years or less, the scientist will be able to isolate the area within the brain, for telepathic communication and if you as a family can afford it, your child will be able to get a boost injection that will create a large rift between rich and poor. Those can effort it, will improve in intelligence, even before birth. the rift will be seen more in about 100 years.

11. within the next 20/50 years, they will locate and land a “jump station” around/near Pluto, which can be used to accelerate the space-traveling outside our solar system.

12. Mars will never become a success, they will find another planet, there will be another area of research.

13. In 10.750 the human as a race has learned how ascent without a physical body. type V civilization or more.
14. In 3520 we have evolved to a type III civilization
Come back and see, I might have more in the future.

Did you want to learn how to “remote view?” I have added a few videos below. I will keep updating for more lessons.

Lesson one: ideograms
Lesson two: Phase 1A-1F
Lesson three: Training the Young Masters (Full SRV Lesson)