Follow the beacon

About 10 years ago, I was working in Denmark, as a consultant for a larger sized company. I knew I had to drive a lot, so I went ahead and bought a car. Nice little car, with every that comes with comfort.

My big brother’s best friend had invited me for dinner in Lund, Sweden, but first I had to find his store, and then we would leave together to go home to his wife.

5 minutes within the ride, my GPS in the car went out, and I knew the GPS on the phone, would only last until I got to the bridge between Denmark and Sweden before it ran out of service area. Since I had never been to Sweden on my own, to find the right way would seem almost impossible.

I thought, then we just have to do it the alternative way.

 I picked up the phone and called Anders. At this point, he did not have any customers in his store and I told him my problem. He asked if I was going to cancel, and I said ohh no, just continue talking about your day, I need to find your beacon. Beacon what do you mean by that? I answered, think of it as a light house, I see you, and then I know which way to drive.

He thought it was a bit strange, but continued talking his day, and how busy he had been.

The bell on the door rang, and a customer came in. I told him I was okay, and that I found his beacon, he laughed: I will see you in an hour or so, remember you can stop and ask for directions, and then he hung up. I smiled, me asking for direction? I cannot speak Swedish.

I drove towards Sweden, no map and no GPS, just follow his beacon.

After driving for about 30 min, I called him up and said: “your store was supposed to be right here on the left.” I think he was just as surprised as I was.

“Where are you,” he asked? I am driving under a bridge and stones wall on each side before the bridge. “What!!! You are already here, and without a GPS, how did you do it?” He continued: up to the light turn left and then left again, and there is my store. “

I tried to explain to him how it works, but I don’t think he ever understood it. When we finally arrive at his home, his wife served good food and he had a good bottle of wine, and it became a wonderful evening.