Fly with me

In August of this year, I was outside in the evening meditating while trying a CE-5 connection.

I could feel the vibration through my heart and all of a sudden I could hear someone saying hello. I replied hello back and welcome him. my heart was filled with a feeling of joy and “butterflies.”

While he was right above me, I was not able to see him at first, but I asked if I could see what he was seeing, and he gave me permission. I projected up and could see the view from above. The sky was lit up with the light from Houston, but he was so far up I could see the other limit of both Austin and San Antonio.

After a while, I said thank you, and he departed, I could see a small dot flying off.

I went to bed and kept feeling the connection, smiled while drifting off. all of a sudden, I saw this awesome sunrise, and I thought I have seen plenty of those, as much as I have been traveling, but this was wow..

I woke up and asked, “if this was what he was seeing?”, and he answered “yes” while showing me where he was on the map.

I kept following him and the vibration while slowly drifting off to sleep.