Extending more than just you conciseness

As a 9-year-old, after a few years of putting my mom and grandma into terror, I decided one evening to see if I could “leap out of my body” lying down. I at that time had already been meditating for a couple of years, as meditation is described today, thought like a child, I didn’t know and certainly didn’t call it meditation.

One evening after going to bed, I closed my eyes, listen to my heart and with ease, I let go, and in the next moment, I felt I was floating. I opened my eyes and looked down, thinking OMG, I am going to die.!!

Zoom I was in my body again, my heart was racing, not sure what happened, a while later I fell asleep.

The next few days, I considered what actually happen, since I have not been outside my body since I was about 5, and it was at that point almost all forgotten. The urge of trying again came over me.

Hey, I didn’t die, I am still here. The horror of my mom’s voice yelling and me, and tell me I was going to kill myself, but now that I was lying down, at least I couldn’t fall further than out of bed right?

So 3 weeks later I did the same, relaxed, up to the ceiling, I looked down and saw my own body, thinking, this is cool…

The next few nights I went further and further away, but still in the room, just to make sure I was able to.

The following evening, I thought I wonder if I can move out of the room. In a split of an eye, I was flying outside the house, and again I could see the body below as if I could see right through the roof.

I could feel the wind on my skin, and my hair was waving lightly.

I put my arms out like a big bird, and I could feel how the wind below me, pushed me up and up, until I could see the whole city below me. This was so awesome.

Why wouldn’t people want to do this, why would they be scared of even trying?

I stayed up there for a while, and in the end,  I don’t even remember when I fell asleep.

In the morning, when my mom knocked on my bedroom door, I woke up in my body, ready to go to school. From then on, I moved further and further away, further and further up, traveling to distant places I have never been to before.

I still recall my mom and dad’s faces, when I later explain to them, which way to drive, often places we as a family has never been. They never asked questions; they just knew, somehow, I knew.