Dropping by

One afternoon I was sitting at a client site, in a meeting with my team, we were sitting brainstorming how to approach the problems with had with the software, there was already late going out.

I was sitting at one of the managers on the team, and the other manger was, sitting on the other end of the table keeping up with the ideas the developer and business analyst had, it was a busy meeting.

While sitting here listening, I head a voice, a very familiar voice. Hey, I just want to hear how you are doing? In a split second, I wondered, where did that come from, my mind is busy with work, and where my mom was popping in to say hello.

I said hello to her, and asked how she was doing, and she said, she was doing really good, and she felt her strength was coming back, as she remembered it.

I asked if she could see what I was doing? She said, she couldn’t but could connect with me on a distance, just see me, but not where I was, or what I was doing.

I said, “I am sitting in a meeting right now.” It is hard to just ask for a break. She said, “she understood”, but somewhat it felt as if she was disappointed. I asked if she had time to talk later, and she said, “she would try.” I said, “I will try to contact you when I am done for today, I know it is going to be a busy day.”

I heard the other manager said; It is time for a 5 min break, I think we lost Kristin. One of the guys grabbed my arm, and shook it lightly, asked if I was ok? I looked like I was so far away. I smiled and said, “I am sorry for scaring you”, I know I was a bit far away, but I am okay now.

I never told them I had a conversation with my deceased mom in the middle of a very busy meeting. That afternoon, when I got out and went to get on the train, I decided to walk instead of taking the bus, it would be easier walking alone if she came back.

She did, and she stayed for a while and we had a nice long conversation, about anything and everything. The energy I felt was so much calmer than I remember her, but the image and the voice I heard was her. When I reached the train, it was time for her to leave, I thanked her for stopping by, and hoped she would drop by another time, but that is another story.

I still try to wrap my mind around this. Considering, If it was only my mind, why would she jump in or at least the memories of her, at this time, where it was the least I had on my mind.

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