Did you know?

Each and every moment, awake or asleep, we are affecting each other life, in a positive or negative way.

Often even as an empath, you are not aware of it, and when you do become aware, you can’t control it all the time.

So what am I talking about? The emotional attachment on each and every single thought or impression you have doing the day.

All negative and positive impressions will be attached to an emotion and if you have not already created one, at that moment your peer set it into motion, you will attach it to a feeling at that moment it happens.

Let me explain with a story.

Last year I had been talking with an acquaintance about the classes she was taking and that she needed to study for an upcoming exam. At this current point, I didn’t know what day it was and really didn’t want to know.

The following week, I was on my way home from work, a 1.5-hour drive with a lot of traffic, no time for distraction, the only thing there was on my mind was what had happened at work that day, and what I need to do when I got home.

Out of the blue, I see a picture in my mind, of an old episode of an incident that happened 8 years prior, and I let it run its course, thinking, where did that come from?

The emotions there were attached to that memory was running through my body, I was a bit surprised, say it at least, and yes it was the least there were on my mind. About 30 minutes later, it went away and my mind was back to normal, thinking of work and what I needed to do when I got home, and yes traffic.

After work and just before bedtime I called my acquaintance, said, “You failed your exam today” she was in total silence, and after seconds she said, “how did you know, but continue, I know, but how, where you there?”

I said, “not quite” and explained to her what I saw. She shares everything with me, the episode and the feeling of deceived from her mentor, that have written to the panel she didn’t believe she should pass, and the reason, which was totally out of context of what actually happened.

Her mentor wrote she had tried to meet up with her a couple of times, but my acquaintance knew it was the lie. She had tried to schedule appointments with the mentor, but each time the mentor, canceled or left just before the meeting. My acquaintance was devastated, she was failed not because of her skills, but because of the mentor, just didn’t like her.

I told her, “To gather her thoughts and fight, do what I didn’t do for 8 years ago, when I stood in the same situation.” She did and called me the following week, thanking me. If it has not been because of what I said, she would never have gone back, but accepted her defeat.

She gathered all the information she could, went to the board, and handed over all her findings and the said, “due to the fact her mentor had called her emotional incompetent, when she has not even met her, was not a fact” they let her pass.

Her emotion I received was attached to an incident where I had similar emotions of deceiving for 8 years ago. If I had not had that incident, I would have attached those emotions to whatever I was thinking about that current moment in time. So you, my reader, how many times have you tried this and remember it? Write below in the comments field, would love to hear from you.

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