In the evening, in the middle of August 2019, I closed down the computer, tv, turned off the light and went out in the back yard. I wanted to try the “CE-5” experience, that everyone was talking about and if it was even possible.

I knew how to connect with others down here, but not with someone that I didn’t know, or couldn’t see.

The first few evening, nothing happened, but the 3rd. evening, 45 minutes in, I could feel the vibration through my heart and all of a sudden I could hear someone saying hello. I replied hello back and welcome him. A warm and beautiful feeling went through my solar plexus and into my heart. a feeling of joy and “butterflies.” I knew I had contact.

the vibration just stayed there for a while and I could feel the connection. While he was right above me, I was not able to see him at first, but I asked if I could see what he was seeing, and he gave me permission. I projected up(extended my consciousness) and could see the view from above. The sky was lit up with the light from Houston, but he was so far up I could see the outer limit of both Austin and San Antonio. It was breathtaking.

After a while, I said thank you, and he departed, I could see a small dot flying off. and then he left, but the connection between us, stayed.

I went to bed, and was thinking about what just happened, slow feeling the body getting heavy, while I was still awake.

All a sudden I could felt a pull, and my awareness was awoken, I heard, “look” and through his consciousness, he extended what he was looking at.

I have been flying so many times, see so many sunrises, but I have never seen, such a breathtaking sunrise he was showing me. He was flying from here to Europe and the sun was slowly coming on the horizon; It was amazing. After a while, he said goodbye, and I drifted off to sleep.