CE-5 Experience

I am still extremely happy. Feel like I can get my arms down in joy. I have been out in my backyard for about 1.5 hours. Just before 9 pm, I asked, “Please Light up the sky I would like to communicate.” Repeated a few times and then I waited. I could feel it in my heart, a connection so I said, “welcome, please light up the sky so I know you are here” and 5 minutes later, the sky lit up in a big flash.

I thought cool. so I said. “Now I have your attention, welcome, I am happy you showed me where you are, this is where I am” and I showed with my flash /laser Where I was.

I got a very warm feeling around my heart as a greeting. Still, have it while I am writing this. The next I never expected, only hoped for.

I said, “I would love for you to come down here, so I can meet you. A feeling of joy, excitement, but also “fear”/”shyness” came washing over me.

I opened my heart and said; “you are welcome.” I waited a little bit and could feel my right shoulder warming up and the feeling of someone touching the right side of my face.

I said, “welcome, I can feel you are right here next to me, do you want to talk?” No one said anything, just the feeling of someone touching the side of my face and my shoulder. I pulled out my EMF meter scanned on my right side and it spiked with 91 and on my left side, it was 34. I tried again a couple of times, the same result each time. I could feel someone touching me again, this time I closed my eyes and said thank you, and sent a feeling of love back.

I am normally lying down looking, so I sat up and turned around and someone was standing behind me. As soon as he saw I could see him, he disappeared and my EMF meter scan went back to 45 normal. he was too curious, but yet so scared, I am so much up flying right now, this was more than awesome. When he took off, I thanked him for being here and hoped he would come back again.

One thought on “CE-5 Experience

  1. Very cool experience!

    I am certain he/they will come back. You’ve broken the ice! Congratulations!

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