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Haunted by night terror of a past life

I remember from I was a little girl, I had night terror haunting me.

I believe I was around 6 or so, the first time I recall having it, and if anyone knows and has tried it, a night terror is horrible.

I remember waking up, not able to move as if I was paralyzed, just look straight up in the air, below was items there were squishy, smooth towards your finger and a bit leathery. The one I felt with my left hand was not the same as a felt with my right hand.

Your mind kept thinking move, move!! But nothing happened, and in the end, you are being buried in dirt, dying under the pressure of 6 feet/2 meters of dirt, and then you wake up.  Time after time, it showed up and time after time I was able to add a bit more to my night terror, thinking, please just stop, I don’t want to see anymore.

One day, years later, I mentioned to an acquaintance of mine that dealt in dreams like these, and I told her what I did remember; I remember I was in a mass grave and the body had received nerve gas, which was the reason I couldn’t move, but not enough that it was dead. It was an 11-year-old girl, there had been living at the main house instead of in the bunkers with the others.

My acquaintance asked if I wanted to know more and sure I wanted it. I actually just wanted it to stop, so odd for an adult to still have night terror, right?

One day we met up and she and I did regression hypnosis and the rest of the puzzle pieces, were put together, but after I said to her, but this is not my life, I am seeing someone else’s. She smiled and said it was normal to think like that since I was a past lifetime. I didn’t want to object, so I just agreed with her.

After every stone was turned, I thought that was it, now I don’t have to worry about night terror anymore, they are gone now. A couple of weeks later, I woke up, trying to breathe, and felt I was coughing up dirt and the pressure on my chest, was the same. It took me a while before I was able to go back to bed, eventually, I did.

Instead of closing the lit, it had opened a can of worms, and they were coming out. The night terror became more frequent than before, and she got worried when I mentioned it.

Again I said, I don’t believe this is mine, and again she said, “this is normal, we will find a day where we can work the rest out” We didn’t find a date before I had to travel again, and this time I was sitting halfway around the world, when one evening, around 10, I was sitting writing, like I am right now, and I saw my night terror unfold right in front of my eyes, as a movie.

The feeling the emotions, the fear, yes everything was there. I thought to myself, ohh wow what is going on, I am not even asleep, and I see the night terror that I have been having since I was a little child, what is going on??

I took a deep breath and jumped right in; I needed to see who it was, and I found who it was. (read: two minds one thought) I was somewhat surprised, but also glad, that I didn’t have to chase half around the world after a stranger, but it was actually someone I knew and someone my acquaintance knew.

I went in and changed the vibration, and shortly after the images went away. That night, I had no night terror.

The next day I got on the phone and called her, asking her to talk with my friend about his past life experiences. At first, she was surprised I was able to follow his dreams, as a movie on a screen in a theatre, but again, she knew so it didn’t surprise at all.

A couple of days later I got an email from her, I was right, and she said she had recommended him to get it opened up and looked at, and he did.

He was the little girl, and the memories he had, was so much more than what I had. He told her, he had been able to see bits and pieces, but a few weeks back, it was like someone had opened for the water and he could remember a whole lot more, incl. the entity that came and picked him up in the end, when the little girl’s body had finally died.

A couple of months later and no night terror, her and I talked again, and she asked how I was doing? I said much better, but I also know my role in all this, she smiled and said, I know so too. You saw his lifetime, but in the end,  it was you that helped him moving on. I smiled I was happy she knew too.

From then on, after more than 30 years of a night terror, it stopped. Sometimes it can be hard to see the difference, but when you do, you understand why you were part of past memories and emotions.


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Astral projection

Have you ever sat waiting for something or listening to someone, and then realizing you are sitting daydreaming? or looking for something or thinking back to a place or time where you have been or thinking of where you might have lost what you are looking for?

Astral projection, or some call spirit walk or out of body, has been around for as long as the humans has existed. The first biblical recorded projection, is Paul’s vision in 2 Corinthians 12:1. We can go even further back in history to find numerous people sharing the same feeling.

Now what is astral projection, and can you do it too? To answer the first question: Astral projection also called intentional out-of-body experience (OBE), is when you or someone else leave your physical body, while still being connected to your body, like say you are daydreaming, you are here, but somewhere else far away, and you can sense, see, feel, here, taste, in both world

. to answer the last question, You are already doing it, on the subconscious level, so yes, we will teach you how to bring up to your conscious level so you will see and feel it every time, you purposely try it.

  1. Find a place where you can sit or lay down, and best in a quiet room or place
  2. Sit or lay down, relax, both physically and mentally.
  3. Enter a hypnagogic state, or half-sleep (this can be done with meditation)
  4. Pay attention to the presence of vibration in your environment, which becomes apparent in a state of deep attention.
  5. Deepen your meditation state, The purpose of this is to gently move you subtle body out of the physical body.
  6. Focus the first few times on how you leave the body so you can repeat the pattern each time.
  7. when you are out, test your self for 15 seconds, and then go back into your body, repeat and each time take longer and longer time outside, and in the end you can move in and out as you feel like it.

If you don’t feel you are doing it right and still feel you need help: contact us and we will setup a session. Astral projection