Can you make someone else move?

The 3rd time, we ended up at the same lector, this time i sat in front of him, so hard to see his reaction.

The lector was pretty interesting, so i forgot all about it until it was over.

I heard him talking with someone else about staying to clean up, but i wanted him to leave a bit earlier so we could walk together.

I stood with another friend of mine talking while repeating, “I need to leave, I need to leave” and within a few minutes, he said loud while looking at his watch, “I know i promised to stay and help out with the cleaning, but I need to leave.”

He left and about a minute later, i left. He was standing down in the court yard of the building a bit puzzled why he there, when he was suppose to help out, and why he was not going to leave if he was so busy.

When i came down there, i laughed lightly and said,”I better walk you to your car, just to make sure you are going to be okay to drive home”

We walked and talked shortly before he jumped into his car and drove home.

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