Can you make someone else move?

The day we went out for coffee, we talked about everything, and we both felt it was as we just had sat down before we had to go to the lector we had signed up for.

Since I was still in a contract under the company he was in, we decided not to go in together.

He sat two rows in front of me, and I ended up sitting behind this large size man, so if he looked back, he couldn’t see me.

10 min into the lector, I started thinking, I was touching his right side of the neck, up and down, continuously. It didn’t go long before I could see he was scratching his right side of the neck, and I could actually feel it.

I waited for a little while then I did it again, and again he scratched his neck and looked back as if he thought I sat right behind him.

Then I did the left side, again he scratched his neck on the left side. I knew more than just a few times I had felt it over a longer distance, I could actually see it working.

I had hoped he caught on, but he didn’t. I left a bit earlier than he did, so we didn’t talk more that evening.

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