Can you make someone else move?

I understood the connection, which also meant I wanted to see if I could navigate the mind as a secondary conscious, so one afternoon I was sitting on a bench in the middle of downtown Copenhagen, thinking

“I need to go downtown and sit on a bench, I need to go into town and sit on a bench” while focusing  on a particular person I knew I had a connection with .

I continue this for about 5 minutes or so,. just until I had the feeling of going down the car and driving toward downtown.

I thought it was interesting, just to see if was going to work. 30 minutes, later, my friend showed up, and sat on the bench.

I walked over to him, acting surprised and said, “Ohh wow, you are here too??, It is a nice surprise to see you here” He smiled and said, “Yes all the sudden I got the urge to drive into downtown, enjoy the weather”

I never told him, what actual went on, 2nd it will be hard to prove that is what actual happen.

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