Bringing Grandpa home

After my grandma died, my grandpa, became less verbal. I knew he wanted to go to her funeral, but he was just not there, the Alzheimer had made him a shell of himself and finding a couple of nurses and try to get him out in a car, that he might not want to go anyway was a lot to handle.

My mom tried to ask if he wanted to go, but he just shook his head and held on tight to the chair. They had been married for over 40 years, so we all expected he was going to follow her shortly after.

One evening we just got home from dinner and I was getting my son ready for bed. I tug him in and said goodnight, while my husband was unpacking the car for gear from his extra job.

After, I went in and sat down in front of the computer, which was in the corner of the bedroom, so check my emails.

I barely turn the computer on, when I could feel a very slim person standing by my right side, I turned around and saw my grandma.

I became so happy, but also sad, I knew what it meant.

She smiled. I asked her how she was doing, and everything was as she expected? She answered, “Yes here is wonderful, no pain, no heavy body, and everything is so light and bright.”

I smiled, “I am glad to hear that, and I am glad you came by as promised” she smiled, “And you knew, you knew even before I knew I was the one to pick him up. I understand now, why you knew, you are one of them.” I nodded, knowing it can be hard to explain, other than if you understand the difference between those two worlds.

“So, it is time?” I asked my grandma, “you are here to pick grandpa up?” before she could answer, my husband, walked into the bedroom. He looked very weird at me, he had heard I was talking with someone, but couldn’t see who it was. I smiled and said, “grandma is here, she is going to pick up Grandpa.” He shook his head and turned around and walked out of the door again.

My grandma smiled, “yes I am here to pick him up. I am not going to stay long, I just wanted to drop by and say hello, as I promised you, before I have to go and pick him up.” She and I continue talking for a while, about what she was doing and how she liked it, and if it was different than she imagines. How Niclas and I were doing, and how good he was doing in school.

22:05 she said,” now it is time for me to leave, he is ready.” “When you get to the other side, can you tell Grandpa I love him, and I am going to miss him, and when he is ready, come and see me?”

My grandma answered, “sure I will, and I know as soon as he can, he will come and see you. You do know it might take a little while, but he will.” I nodded and thank her, and then she was gone.

I got up and walked into the living room where my spooked husband was sitting shaking his head, “I don’t know if it is you or me there is going crazy here, how can you talk with your dead grandma, and what was she doing here?”

I didn’t think it was crazy, actually very normal and natural to come and say goodbye, as promised, so I just answered him, it was an agreement I had with her before she died, and now it was my grandpa’s turn.

That evening when we went to bed, I took the phone with me. At 12:45 the phone rang, my husband jumped out of bed, as if someone had bitten him, rushed into the bathroom and closed the door behind him, while I picked up the phone, and heard my mom voice in the other end, “I have some bad news”

I answered. “I already know, grandpa is dead.” She answered quickly, “how do you know, who has called you, who told you?” “Grandma has been here to say goodbye, just before she had to pick up grandpa”,

I said. “he died at 5:05” My mom didn’t know what to say, they only one there knew the time was dead, was the nurse and her and no one else.