Flashes in the sky.

On 12 September 2015, I had asked if anyone wanted to go with me out star gazing like we have done so many times before. Unfortunately, no one had time, so I head out to the place I have picked out in Waller, TX

The weather was clear, except for a cloud of two wandering by in the sky.

I pulled out my satellite app and my flight app, to make sure whatever I saw in the sky was counted for.

I bit past 10 pm I saw a bright flash in the sky, northwest. At first, I thought it must be a satellite, but when I looked at my app, there should not have appeared a satellite at that current moment in the sky, and it could not have been a plane, that was way too far out. I turned on my long-distance flashlight, and blinked a couple of times and then off. No more than 20 seconds went by and all a sudden there was a blink on the Northeast side of the sky.

I was thrilled, wow nice move! I was extremely happy, I wish that someone else has had time to go out and see it with me.

some minutes went by, and I turned on the flashlight away to see if I could get another respond, same pattern as before, waited and then another blink, this time it had moved from NW to N. I turned on my flashlight away, did the same pattern one more time, another blink came on the NE side of the sky. I was so excited, jumping in joy, while the farmers’ dog was barking up a storm.

A series of flashes came after, and I was just standing watching the northwestern sky lit up in blinks as if they were communicating with each other. around 11:30 it stopped, and after waiting for 10/15 min I went home. I do know the CE-5 group out of Indiana was also out that evening. They saw the same as I did. It was a very interesting evening.

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