Quantum world

Have you ever sat waiting for something or listening to someone, and then realizing you are sitting daydreaming? or looking for something or thinking back to a place or time where you have been or thinking of where you might have lost what you are looking for?

Astral projection, or some call spirit walk or out of body while others refer to a quantum world, no one real understand, has been around for as long as the humans has existed. The first biblical recorded projection, is Paul’s vision in 2 Corinthians 12:1. We can go even further back in history to find numerous people sharing the same feeling.

Now what is astral projection, and can you do it too? To answer the first question: Astral projection also called intentional out-of-body experience (OBE), is when you or someone else leave your physical body, while still being connected to your body, like say you are daydreaming, you are here, but somewhere else far away, and you can sense, see, feel, here, taste, in both world

To answer the last question, You are already doing it, on the subconscious level, so yes, we will teach you how to bring up to your conscious level so you will see and feel it every time, you purposely try it.

A. Find a place where you can sit or lay down, and best in a quiet room or place.

B. Sit or lay down, relax, both physically and mentally.

C. Enter a hypnagogic state, or half-sleep (this can be done with meditation)

D. Pay attention to the presence of vibration in your environment, which becomes apparent in a state of deep attention

E. Deepen your meditation state. The purpose of this is to gently move you subtle body out of the physical body

F. Focus the first few times on how you leave the body, so you can repeat the pattern each time.

G. when you are out, test yourself for 15 seconds, and then go back into your body, repeat and each time take longer and longer time outside, and in the end,  you can move in and out as you feel like it.

H. If you don’t feel you are doing it right and still feel you need help: contact us and we will setup a session. Session@fiftyduewest.com