An Old house

In 2010 I was staying with a friend of mine, in a very old house in Europe.

I was staying in a bedroom, right next to the bathroom and the walls were so thin you could hear everything, and I mean everything, even when her boyfriend was reading a magazine or a newspaper.

Old homes have a lot of noise and eventual you get used to hearing “Ghosts” all over the place.

This particular time, she needed help, so I stayed for a while.

Shortly after I had moved in, she found herself a boyfriend, and every weekend from Friday after work and until Sunday, around 9 pm, they stayed there at her boyfriend’s house, which also meant I had the whole house to myself.

It was Saturday afternoon about 3 pm; I was sitting in my bedroom, with the computer in my lab, and a big heavy comforter wrapped around me. Yes, I slept in that morning, and with the furnish low on oil, it was cold in the house, and I didn’t want to go down and make coffee, even though a freshly brewed cup of coffee would help the cold there were lurking in each and every corner of the house.

I could hear the water in the shower as if someone had just turned it on.

I wondered; she was not supposed to be home; it was way too early, what happened? Then I was thinking, maybe they are both here, and it is him instead?

I could hear someone walking over the floor in bare feet, not lightly steps, but steps, you could hear.

Since my friend is not a skinny person, I was still not sure, again it could be either.

I could hear the cabinet door go, – First the upper right and then the upper left, then the lower right, and then the lower left.

The sound of bare feet walking across the floor came right through the thin walls. I thought you my self, nahh it has to be her, else he is snooping in her cabinets, they have not known each other for that long, for him to have a place in a drawer or a shelf in a cabinet.

The sound of the water hitting the floor stopped, and then continued shortly after, and then stopped again, as the sound of someone testing the water.

Is it ready to get in? I smiled I knew it was not ready, and especially with a furnace, there was almost out of oil, I knew it was going to take a bit longer.

Again, I hear the sound of bare feet walked across the floor, this time they were just wet, and made a squishy sound against the tile.  The right upper cabinet door opened, and someone moved things around inside the cabinet. The left upper cabinet door, again the sound of someone moving things around inside, and then the lower right, and the lower left.

I thought to myself, “it has to be her“, there is absolutely nothing inside that would interest him.

I smiled and thought, Well that means he is the one making coffee, and he makes strong coffee, so I leap out of the door with the comforter wrapped around me, and at that moment, I pass the bathroom door; I look over, to see if I could see the light shining through the glass, but nothing. A bit puzzled I walk slowly down the stairs. A cold feeling hit me, as if you are here but not here. A feeling of abandonment and emptiness, and no smell of freshly brewed coffee… I wonder if they had gotten into a fight? If he is not here, there would be no coffee, which means I have to make it myself.

I walked into the kitchen and it was empty, no one…

I walked out to the enclosed, patio no one was there. It surprised me a bit, that meant only one thing, they must have gotten into a fight and she is home without him.

I looked out of the front door, but saw no car other than mine.

But if it is not her and it is not him, who was upstairs taking a shower, and right next to my bedroom?