Atom and Evolution(Adam and Eve)

Over and over again, we have tried to understand what really happened. over and over again we see new scripters showing up.

As many theories, this is also one of those, that can only be that, a theory. I was not there, and neither was you, so we can only make guesswork.

Over the weekend, we had one of those debates, Did the Ancient create the humans, or how did they come to paradise?

As you already know, the story is a bit longer than shown in the bible, but like all good stories, the best part is cut out. So this is my idea, which I share with David, C. At the beginning when the earth began to be more populated than just 10 or 20 people, they had to create order, to stop potential chaos, and the laws were created, which we read/see today as religion.

God was the physics and the spiritual,(quantum physics), as God says, “I am all that, and this.”

Adam and Eve were not “Adam and Eve” but merely a lost in translation for “Atom and Evolution.” As David C. said, he knew thought of it like that but will bring it back to the scholars. I am looking forward to seeing the new translation, is it Adam and Eve or is it Atom and Evolution?

In these terms, we all believe, we just don’t believe the interpretation there has been altered so many times.

When Jesus was born, he was sent to “school” in a very young age, listen in on the scholars sitting in churches, and eventually, he traveled to understand the eastern culture and religion, brought home knowledge that was new and strange. At the time he made it back the old ways were changed and new laws were in place,(this change over time) Jesus saw the unsettle people around him and how many suffered, since the old laws were no longer valid, he wanted to help his people, this shook the Roman emperor. The more power Jesus gained through his speeches, the more he was noticed. In the end he was brought in for treason.

We have seen the same over and over within history, and will we in the future too.

You as my reader, does it make sense? You do believe in Physic and the common law. In today’s society, we still see if someone stand and speak up, they will be made into fools. how much has the human race actually move the last 3000 years? you tell me, what do you think?

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