A wild porcupine

From the time I was a little girl, my mom was used to me bringing home animals I found outside. She didn’t particular liked it, special when I came home with huge spiders, it was her worse nightmare.

So when she said, anything but spiders I took it literally.

I grew up in a country where porcupine is wild, and animals you don’t see during the day time.

I recall one day, overhearing a conversation between my mom and grandma about porcupines, and I thought they were cute tiny animal, there couldn’t harm anyone.

We had a wooded area just down the street, so I head down to get one to my mom.

As I mention they normally sleep during the day time, but as I got down there, I just walk in and shortly after I had one walking up to me.

I picked it gently up and carry it home in my bare hands, holding on my arm.

I walked into the kitchen, and put it down on the floor, told my mom to come in to the kitchen, I had a gift for her.

I have seen her scream before, but now she was pissed off too, asking me where I got it from. I told her I just went into the woods, and it just came to me when I asked for it.

She looked at my hands and arms, asking if it had bitten me, and I told her no, it was very gentle. She asked if it was sick, I told her no, it just came and want to be picked up.

She demanded for me to carry it back, and no, no matter how many times I would beg for us to keep it, she said no.

Eventually she pulled the, “It’s mom and dad is waiting for it to come home” so I picked it up, carried it all the way back to the wood, put it down where I found it, and told it to go back to it’s family. I stood there for a while, watching it walk off into the woods, in my mind, I knew my mom didn’t like porcupines.

The following evening, my grandpa got chewed out, why he had taught me to pick up porcupines, he was so clueless, and said “You can’t pick them up, they won’t let you, they are wild animals”

My moms answer was, “You tell your granddaughter that, apparently she and the porcupine she picked up this afternoon didn’t know that”

My Grandpa smile and wink at me, I was his girl.