A Stranger’s last request

For a while back, my son and I move into an apartment. I met this sweet girl with 3 small girls. She lived with her abusive husband. Often, she gave the expression; she wanted to leave, but he kept threatening her, if she did, he would take the girls away from her.

One day she came over for a visit. She was so happy, but also in tears, because her grandma was sick, and they didn’t believe she would live for much longer. Since she had been close to her grandma, her only wish was to be able to go home and say goodbye.

She knew the money was short, but she had saved up a bit of her own money for the trip and then she hoped for her husband would lend her the rest, for the trip out of state. She was so happy, he had said yes, she was able to travel.

When the time came, he changed his mind, due to the fact she had not done the laundry, and he did not have clean underwear in his drawer. She came over crying, felt the only option was to leave him and the children and never return, she wanted to see her grandma before she died.

The following evening, she got a phone call, that her grandma had died, and she never made it up there to say goodbye. When she asked for money for a ticket to go to the funeral, she was told no!!

not hearing from her for a while week, I called her to see how she was doing? She told me what had happened, and cried while repeating, “I didn’t get to say goodbye.” 30 minutes later, we hung up and I continue with what I did before our conversation, thinking this was going to be the last conversation about her grandma, well at least I thought so.

suddenly I felt some saying: “please call her, I need to see her.”  I did. I called my friend again and said: “I need you to drop everything, and come over here. “

At first, she said no, but she could hear it in my tone of voice, I was serious, so she put a note on the door for the kids and ran across the street.

She came in and I took her into the bedroom and told her to sit down, at first she said: “no”, asked, why: “what is that smell of flowers, it smells like my grandma’s perfume?” I said: “close your eyes and she did.

Tears were running down her face, and with closed eyes, she said: “my grandma is here, it is her, I can feel her around me, her present, her energy, and her perfume, she is giving me a hug.” After they had been standing there for a while, my friend said: “my grandma is leaving now.” She opened her eyes and the smell of flowery perfume slowly went away. She stayed for a little while before she went home, she asked: “how did you know?”

I told her: “the smell the flowers, came right after you and I had talked, and I felt someone close, wanted to say goodbye. She asked me to call you. My friend knew it was okay, she didn’t make it up to her grandma before she died, her grandma came to her instead.