A Stallion with a broken heart

In 2001, one of my coworkers was talking over lunch, she just had gotten a Stallion, but she didn’t have time to train it, so she wanted to sell it to someone else.

The more she talked about him the more I fell in love with him, I just had to see him. I asked her if I could come out one day to meet him, and she was overly happy, and accepted.

The following week I drove the 1.5 hours drive out to look at the young Stallion. Since she has not told us what kind of breed he was, I expect it was a regular Quarter horse, so I was surprise when I came out there.

I had filled a small bag with carrots and apples with me, just in case, and 2nd it is always nice to have a bargain with you, when you meet new friends.

When I arrive, I drove up on a 5-acre lot with a home and 2 horses far down in the other end.

I was a bit surprised they were not up to the house, knowing I was coming to visit.

I got out and she pointed in the direction of the most beautiful young black Arabian stallion, he was gorgeous, if it was him?

I asked her to call them, but she shook her head, and said, “I can, but he won’t come” he only come up to the house when he knows I have gone to bed or at work, I can not get close enough to even touch him since I bought him.

I was in disbelief she was trying to push a problem onto someone else just because she didn’t want to spend the time training him.

I said, “Well I am going to make an attempt, to see if I can get close enough”

She smiled and smirked, “You are going to waste your time, but Good luck, you are going to need it.”

I walked over to the car got the bag with Apples and carrots and then out in the field.

Each time I got close, if you can call it close, he gets extreme nervous and went the other way. I tried again, and again he went the other way.

After a few try, he nasals started flare out as if he was in distress, and you could see he started to walk in circles, and sweat was appearing on the neck, his mouth was foaming.

I backed off to give him some space. The owner yell to me, “Are you giving up?” I shook my head, and yelled back, “Not yet”

She walked over to the house, sat in a chair where she could watch us.

I took out a carrot and took a bite, and the noise of a crack carrot got him to look up, and towards me, He knew that sound.

I stood with the side to him, I turned my back to him, took another bite of the carrot, and again he got curious, he wanted to see what I had, so he moved over again so he could see my face, watching what I was doing.

I turned my back to him, and took another bite of the carrot, again the sound got him curious, and I send a picture of me eating a wonderful juicy carrot to him.

Each time I took bite I put my back to him, and each time he got a bit close and a bit closer.

After walking like this for 45 min and me asking him if he want to share a juicy carrot with me, he stood right behind me, he asked, “What do you have?” at this point I pulled out an apple and I took a bite, he put his whole head on my shoulder, and I gave him the piece I broke of, he took it.

I broke off another piece and he took that one too. We continue this until the apple was gone, and at that time he put his whole face on my shoulder, and I started to caress him, showing him, I just want to love him and hold him.

I turned around and instead of running away he put his whole head on to my chest and i put my arms around him. He took it all in with closed eyes. We just stood for a very long time, talking and cuddling. I asked if he wanted an apple more, and we shared that too…

Even thought we were in the other end of the 5 acres when she got up of her chair he reacted according, and the magic broke.

I walked up to her, and she was speechless, what, how did you do that.

“I have been trying with everything apples, carrots everything since I got him and all you do is be out here for 45 minutes and he walks right up to you.”

I shook my shoulders and said, he is a beautiful creature. I asked if I could come and visit him again, and she said yes.

On my way home I was crying, I wish so badly I could buy him, but I was in the middle of a divorce, and I knew i was not going to keep the house I was living in. Moving into an apartment with a horse would be impossible.

It took 3 weeks before I went out there again, and when I got out there, I asked if there had been any changes since I had been out there, she said no.

He was still the same, came up to drink and eat when she was out of sight.

She warned me, he might not remember me, and I told I knew, since it had been 3 weeks since I saw him.

I got my bag of treats and walked out in the field. I whistle and called his name, and right away you could see his head pop up and his ears moving. I called again, and at this time it was he knew who I was.

He galloped over to me, and the girl actual thought he was going to run over me, but he stopped right next to me, and tucked his head onto my chest, we stood there for a while and I told him I had a juicy apple with me to him if he was interested?

Again, we shared an apple, and then he moved his head up and down made a loud neighing sound, he was calling her other horse to come and share, and the mare came over and we all 3 stood there, sharing carrots and apples.

When done we just stood for a while cuddling again, he enjoyed the time.

We stood again for a long time, eventually he left, and I walked up to the house, and again I was met with a lot of questions. She has not been able to get close to the mare either since he got there, and again information’s she left out.

She said she was used to riding the mare, and there was never a problem, but after he got here, she had problem with them both.

She asked me if I was interested in buying him, and I said I am, but I didn’t have room for him, and I was not sure where to put him.

She said ok, not happy with the answer.

The following week, I asked her at work, if I could come and visit again, and this time she said no. She needed to work with the horses, and I was just extra stress on them, since I didn’t want to buy him.

The next 3 years, I drover by often, but never stopped if I could see she was home. If she was not home, I would stop and whistle, hoping he would come and get a carrot, and he did for a long time.

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